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Review of LOLITA


Kindle edition

Published on:  May 8th 2018

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Genre: YA Fiction Romance Social Drama 

My take 

Every girl in her life has to pass through an essential  phase of her life when she is nubile to settle in her life by getting into the the institution of marriage in our country.
 For parents also it is a duty when they have to  arrange the same. At this juncture, it may so happen things would divert into an unplanned direction giving all the joy or pain to them according to the way it has happened.

Lolita charming  protagonist due to choosing her own trajectory  to become  an actress  while her parents are arranging for her marriage the social drama develops into an interesting and engaging one then you can get your hands on this novella.

On seeing the cover one might mistake it to YA fiction with adult content but it is a mixture of emotions, sentiments, and relationships.

The heartrendering story starts with an accident that takes place at the curve of the main road that connects Lolita 's house to the jungle at Panchgani when she has taken a stroll and she has escaped unhurt but Advait Rana a web designer behind the steer of his car gets wounded.

Lolita helps him to recover and love blooms between them.  She comes to know about his family. His wife Pari has committed suicide due to depression and he is living with their daughter Simone. His sister Aachal helps them at this turbulent days. Simone suffers from temporary muteness and hence as a single parent, he is very much protective of her.

Lolita shares with him her tale from the day she leaves Kumbakonam her native place a town in South India along with Sandy a famous director in the Bollywood. She becomes a celebrity and develops a live in relationship with Sandy.

A secret in Sandy ’s life shatters her dreams. She leaves Mumbai and comes to Panchgani. What is the secret that haunts her?
Have her parents  come to term with her after they know about her career in the tinsel realm?  What has happened to love between her and Advait and how  Simone reacts to the same?

Answers to these questions form the rest of the story. This is the first book I have read through Kindle device and I am glad to say I am fully satisfied with the concept and execution.

The storyline may be tenuous but very sensual and entertaining. The characters are realistic and you can relate to them. The narrative prose is sure page-turner. The descriptiveness of scenes wherein  Lolita and Advait sexual encounters are given in detail is scintillating  The language fits the mood and the pace is steady to hook you.

There are sufficient knots  to make the reading an amazing experience .
This captivating story of secrets betrayal pressures love and joy would enthrall you .

The authoress has crafted a nice tale that would definitely make an impact in you.

This book is meant for those YA fiction lovers wherein the story revolves around a great actress.

My rating :4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the E-book from the author free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and I have not received any monetary benefit for the same. 

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No of pages : 199

Published by: Power publishers

Published on: 28th June 2018

Genre:  YA Fiction Romance Contemporary 

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My take 

Debasmita Nath Ghosh's HOPE AND SUNSHINE is a fantastic romantic story of Naina Grover a Punjabi lady from Delhi  . It tells  her tale of love, joy, frustration ,tragedy and dilemma . It is a woman centric subject and talks about  working Ladies,' hope to achieve anything  in the male dominated corporate realm and keep a work-life balance.

The title HOPE AND SUNSHINE  and the flamboyant  cover design  flaunt the book as a romance fiction and it  is a typical love story told in a nice  manner.  The tale is depicted through the protagonist a young beautiful lady ,working professional  . The backdrop of the story is Kolkatta .

Charming and courageous Naina is working in a big firm holding a highly responsible  position.When she has pursued her  MBA she has met Ved  and  they have fallen  in love .After they have  completed their studies Naina joins a big firm in Kolkatta  and Ved Is working at Mumbai.

Even though they are living apart they contact over phone and always in touch with each other. 

Ved’s mother has got brain  tumour which is life threatening and he becomes busy with his mother's treatment.

Adtya, a handsome guy joins the firm where Naina is Zonal HR Manager. He is a bright chap and so much of pain hidden below the surface

 Arvind is Naina’s  Cousin brother. Since both Arvind and Aditya  have studied at MDI Gurgaon there they have become  buddies. 

Naina staying all alone in Kolkatta uses to frequent Arvind’s house . His  mom Massi is close to Naina. She is taking some crucial decisions that proves she is blessed with wisdom  which makes the rest of the story.

The tenuous and  fluffy plot revolves around the above MCs .  The blurb discuses about the hopes amidst of distance relationship and a family secret which haunts her a lot .

The language is good and the narrative prose makes you to turn the pages automatically 

When reading the book it seems we are seeing Hindi serial .

The pace is steady enough to make the reading a benign experience characters are realistic and very minimum.

What  I feel is that the events are very much predictable and there is no twists or turns to hook the readers. Strong sub plots could be added to  strengthen the main plot . The dialogues are  formal.

Also I like the character of Naina Grover as she resembles the woman belongs to the present
generation who want to achieve amidst of all the odds.

I like the following premise which  talks of generation gap as quoted in the book.

Every generation is better and yet worse than the previous one.  

The authoress has crafted a beautiful love story in a clean and neat way. It is a light read whoever  admires the social drama of love, and relationship. 

The book targets the urban women living in the  cosmopolitan atmosphere  especially working professional . It is a great entertainment to them . 

My score: 4/5

Disclaimer: I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset"

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Hope , Happiness ,humour ,desires and dreams all become a life and when you read on the . duty, responsibility , tolerance  wit and wisdom  it gives all the  delight to fathom the complexity of life and aspire to achieve  a happy and  successful life.  When I read the book THE BLUE MOON DAY Five Men's Magical Discovery Enroute Life   it  has  made  me  laugh ,  cry  and muse over    the above thoughs .

The 5 stories in the best seller book  evoke the fire in our belly for making of  ordinary individuals  into extraordinary personalities. , giving all the vibes and entertainment .

The author of the book  Santhosh Sivaraj , a banker sailor,teacher,and entreprenuer having varied experience has penned this fantabulous book in an excellent manner.

Today I am giving  below the outcome of my candid chat with him wherein he tells about his passion  for writing  and life. I am honoured to feature his interview  in my blog.

Santhosh Sivaraj

Q Tell us about yourself apart from the author of THE BLUE MOON DAY   who is Santhosh Sivaraj?

I can answer your question in five adjectives
1.       Creative Dreamer
2.       Unconditional Lover
3.       Hard core Feminist
4.       Simplicity Seeker
5.       Arrogant Optimist

Q Say a few words about your book THE BLUE MOON DAY for the readers.

The Book “The Blue Moon Day” is about how one can make his ordinary life extraordinary. It aims at inspiring people at every walks of life by personally relating with the characters in the book and see life in a totally different perspective albeit beautiful. 

Q How you have got the motivation to write a book?

I have answered this in detail in the preface of my book which discusses about a tragic accident that made me reconsider my priorities in my life starting from writing this book.

Q How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason(s) for writing each book?

Becoming Author was never my plan. The only thing I believe which inspired me to write was to tell people something which they fail to see otherwise. I love to write different versions of life and bring out unique emotions in the readers. Apart from writing I believe I speak the same way.

Q Tell about your journey as a writer?

I believe a book is created by the author’s intellect and wisdom which he had developed over his life and not just the time he spends in front of his laptop. This way I think ii had a pretty interesting journey so far.

Q Your book THE BLUE MOON DAY carries 5 different stories on various backdrop. But the end relates to all of them. Have you decided the end and start the stories or vice Versa?

I must say that I had a different idea when I started writing the book but it took a different path during the course of the writing and finally ended up surprising myself. This way even enjoyed the twists and turns the book had to offer.

Q Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

I don’t have any particular favouritte in general.

Q What are your hobbies apart from reading and writing?

I enjoy going on a long drive, trekking and playing sports of all kinds.

Q You seem to be well aware of the pulse of the youth   and elders in the present   era.  These lovely   and lively   stories have written from your own experience?    Which is the story you would feel most connected?

It is hard to choose a single story as my favouritte one however for the sake of the Interview I would like to go with the last story of my book named “The Heaven”. This perhaps is that one chapter which is deeper and to some extent divine and can be related by the people who have this seeking inside them.

Q Have you got writer’s block? If so how you have managed it?

I never got the writer’s block as I write it in my mind to start with  before getting it on the pages.

Q Any new project you are working on currently?

I am presently working on my second book and hope to release in the current year itself. 

Q Tell about the positive reviews   you cherish the most and the negative review if any and the way you have dealt with it?

Positive reviews were mostly the one who somehow took a kind a ownership on the book and felt a deep desire to make the book successful and not to let it disappear amidst the crowd. Getting well wishers like them is the first and the foremost success of the book.
So far I have not received any harsh reviews which had disturbed me but yes there were reviews questioning the characterization, pace of the book and the language used. I could not comment much on it as those were the point praised for as well by many of the reviewers.

Q Your book carries a lot of lessons and messages for the youth. The book is very relevant when the values are deteriorating.    Are you satisfied the way book has come?

A writer can never get satisfied with his book. Even today if you give me the book, I will end up changing something and feel better about it. However my real satisfaction came after I started getting the reviews which made me a contented person.

Q Tell about your experience with your publisher.

My publisher is Invincible Publishers and I had a great experience working with their dynamic young team who are spirited and focused.

Q What is the advice you would give to budding writers?

Write for yourself as that’s the only thing that matters in the end and this way you can never get carried away. 

Thank you so much for your forthright answers .I await  your next book.In the meanwhile I wish you all the success in all your endeavours.

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Book Spotlight~ The Bluemoon Day by Santosh Sivaraj
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Things were never the same for five ordinary individuals who got struck at cross roads and there was no way they can run back. They had no other choice but to take a plunge into their deepest fear and leave the rest to destiny. Their characters was tested out of their comfort zone and it witnessed abstruse results; a PhD scholar fights to win a pizza making contest and a tennis prodigy running for his life in a war torn , bloodied Island. 

Extreme circumstances and their consequences made these ordinary individuals extraordinary . Was the test imposed on them by someone? Or did they invite it on themselves. The Blue Moon Day is that Once in a Blue Moon day story which questions an individual’s priorities, ridicules the worldly routines and finally redefines happiness.

About Author

Santhosh Sivaraj , a banker based out of Chennai ,started his career as a sailor and eventually ended up wearing many hats in life including that of a teacher, entrepreneur and a trainer. He considers the journey of life to be the destination in itself and that pushes him to seek newer avenues in life every now and then. Absurd Economics interests him and he loves doing standup comedy. He laughs at his own mistakes and loves life unconditionally.

He believes in seeing with the mind , writing with the heart and living through others. This way he says one can live more life per life.

Instagram : @santhoshsivaraj
Twitter       : @santhoshsivaraj
Website     :

The Blue Moon Day: Five Men's Magical Discovery enroute Life

Self help book comes in several forms..Telling stories to motivate and boost your inner strength is also a way of writing book on this genre.The tales are woven in such a manner to give advices and inspiring nuggets of wisdom. The reading of such books serves the double purpose of enlightenment as well as entertainment leading to empowerment.

Santhosh Sivaraj has crafted THE BLUE MOON DAY with powerful stroies of hope amidst of doubt and dismay peace and happiness inspite of strained relationship and forgiveness with heartening twists and turns.

There are totally 5 stories captioned in the following order.


The last chapter THE BLUE MOON DAY carries the revelation of suspense that gives all the surprise as well as the latetst position of the main characters.

The Pizza Engeineer , Abhinav Sharma learns his lessons through Mr.Pillai who has to select him for a job. This story is told in a ludicrous manner I laugh a lot when I read this . 

The Messenger tells the story of Deepak and his love for Priya. This story starts with a humourous note and turns in to a social drama involving the strained relationship between the couple and how they manage to come out of the web forms the rest of the story.

Like this other stories also involve so much melodrama and struggles of Mcs are given in a nice way to make the reading a seamless and sober experience.The down to earth charectors are ethced so well we can easily relate to them. I like the language which is simple, fresh and direct. The beutiful narrative prose and the story teller in the author make the book a pageturner.

The most important philosphical and wise pearls which I want to jot down are as follows.

Study you before you study anything

Nature has his own way of conveying messages.

You can find your real individulaity only when you come out of this comfort zone.

If you decide to be happy , life identifis all the hidden happiness around you.

The pace is even and at no point of time it is dragged and there are suffienct twists and turns to engage yourself .

This book holds the stories  of ambition, willpower generation gap , happiness and sadness.This is a book for youngsters and elders who want to identfy the conteperory problems faced by them in their ordrinry course of life,

My favorite is the story of Sankaran an aged person physically weak but mentally strong who finds a new life.This would definitely  move your heart giving all the insights about old age challenges. 

  Both the title and coverdesign are fantastic. The strong blurb is also a fitting one.

I recommend this book to all who want to study self help messages through stories in the contemporary scenario.

A must read by the youth belong  to the present generation  .

My score:5/5 

Disclamer ;"I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset"



No of  pages  246

Published by Notion

Published on August 2 nd 2017

Genre; YA Ficcton Fantayy  Mystery 

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Genre: YA Fiction Mysstery Fantasy.

My take

Monika Thakur in her new book: THE SECRET OF THE SCULPTURES  has woven an intriguing story around the concept of loss and search of sculptures. Sculptures are the attraction of tourists and their values are immeasurable.The hidden secrets behind the creation of them are sufficient to  instill an interest in the subject.

This story makes you anxious, curious enough to know about the theft and the search for it.
In the beginning, it is a slow read and the descriptive prose sprinkled with suspense events make the reading fun and gratifying. Sometimes it is full of revelations of hidden historic events and sometimes dripping with magic and mystery.
The plot revolves around the lifelong friends Aditi and Maitreyi and the theft of a priceless sculpture from Aditi’s college. There are totally 19 chapters and they are aptly captioned. Like
A journey begins
A theft occurs
A net is cast.
In respect of the theft, many a question arise.
Who has stolen the sculpture from the college n Delhi.?
Where is it kept now?

For answers to all these questions, you have to read the book.

The title and the cover design are catchy and related to the core theme of the book.
There is a fitting climax and you would be surprised to know the end.

This is not the typical run on the fast track with all the twists and turns but if you want to read a suspense thriller this book must be the book for you.

The plot is simple but what makes the book ok is the enticing writing  style of the authoress.
Also, a great deal of efforts has gone into the making of characters.
 It has got a set of interesting characters to keep the action in pace and full support of the main ones.

An amzing read for suspense thrillers associated with the theft of sculptures and finding out of them.

My score 4/5

Disclaimer "I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset"

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No of pages : 326

Published by; Notionpress .inc

Published on: April 21 st 2018

Booklinks: Goodreads   Amazon 

Author's links : Goodreads  Amazon

Genre: YA Fiction Socio-political crime thriller

My take

Every one of us at one time or other faces a situation wherein we become puppets of others destined to dance to their tunes silently suffering within. This is the theme of this book LET YOU BE MY PUPPET ONCE  by Preetika Mehra an MBA graduate working with an MNC in Chennai.

The plot

There are nearly 74 chapters, some are lengthy ones some are one paged. They carry suitable captions

To name a few

Fuzzy beginning

The Email

IT cell

The tale happens in various places  like Mumbai ,  Pune, Chennai and Kochi and other urban centers in India.. Also in foreign countries like The US.

Karan , an employee of an FMCG company is having Saima, Vdica and Josh as his buddies. While Josh and Saima are in love Karan and Vdica are good friends. Vedica  and Saima works in a bank Josh is associated with a Mumbai-based start-up.

Saima 's   younger  sister Meghna who is pursuing MBBS  is in love with Vasant a fellow aspiring doctor . Once she calls Saima at night from home and she takes a flight to Lucknow . She finds her sister lifeless ,her death by a thousand cuts. An investigation begins.

Karan.s father income tax commissioner was caught in a graft case. Karan doubts Pratap his father’s friend for his wrongdoing.

Kapil son of Chief Minister of UP is arranging a party in his farmhouse.  He and his brother Suraj have invited them to the party. Saima and Vedic attend the same along with Josh and Karan. In the party Zoravar ,Pratap  Natural Resource Minister’s son under the influence of liquor  tries to squeeze the life out of Saima and Vedica

They escape from his clutches and they go to a nearby police station to file an FIR.  The inspector  at the station sends them out without filing the FIR , because the culprits are sons of political bosses.

All the four , Saima , Vedika, Josh and Karan plan to punish the culprits and their tricks and struggles form the rest of the story.

The pro
The story is written in a subtle manner and each character is etched well
This novel is capable of flooring you by the writing style , strong plot line, and social drama with all the emotions to make you cry and contemplate.

The aspirations and attempts of youngsters  who have  got all acumen  and energy would be a   delight to read. When it revolves around  revenge the thrill is amazing as there is a clash of beliefs and reality. 

From the first few pages I get hooked   first into world of guys and their anxieties .Their bond and kinship are awesome. The shrewd and intelligent youth  meet  many dangers, and they use their prudence to outsmart their enemies.

The atrocities of corrupt politicians and greedy rich would shock you and the helplessness of the poor people would move
your heart,The courage and aversion of youngsters which give room to more and more rebellious and revolt against the perpetrators  would surprise you.

It is a story of passion and pain , dreams and debacles vices and virtues.

The characters are real and flawed and you have to love them.

What I feel

The language is mediocre and mundane.It can be improved a lot. The phrase - at the end of the day -comes frequently.Narrative prose could be groomed to a large  extent. 

My verdict

With a gripping climax ,which this fast paced  thriller ends as a cliffhanger, there is all the possibility of sequel fo this book by the authoress. Details after details pour in this book and when all end in place and the enormity of the happenings may give you a great entertainment.

The plot line is appreciable and it does not lack the grip but addictive.

I like the title as well as cover design which are alluring and tempting.They match the intensity and the  theme of the book.

I wish to appreciate the authoress confidence to weave a story
 in with diversification of circumstances  and occasions and she has outdone it.

It is worth a read if you want to try a story with suspense that can scar you.

I recommend this book to all thriller fans. 
The following premises attract my attention.

Intelligent is useful when it is complete and comprehensive,

Somehow the complex web of the world is weaved in such a fashion that they are controlled and made to work for the  politician  and rich business people.

In this digital age, Two things beat us. One fact to face discussions amongst people. Two obscurities of too much data,

The blurb highlights the inability of the Chief of Intelligence to find the difference between the real and planned evidence.

At around 326 pages this book is a fascinating read
This book is a must read book if you are looking for a socio-political thriller with indleible charecters .The social drama is crafted well where usage of new technology is giveen due significance..

My score : 4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the free copy of the book from the authoress and this is my honest and unbiased review 

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Abhinav   Singh

Abinav Singh brings us a pageturner, his dazzling debut novel THE LAST ATTRACTOR OF CHOAS .  I have given 5 stars  in  My review. .

This is the conversation  I have had  with  him  on his way of  reading , writing  and publsihing .I thank him for his valuable time .

Q.Please introduce yourself to my readers.

 Hi, I am Abhinav. I am a movie buff and eccentric reader.  I love to read as many books I can lay my hands on. I have been teaching Physics to IIT JEE aspirants for past ten years.

 Q.Tell us  How did you start writing? Did you intend to write novel or do you have a specific reason?    

    I started writing to invest my mind in some creative process and come out of the boredom of everyday work schedule.   
QThis is your first book. How do you select thriller instead of romance or other genre?

 It wasn’t by genre that I selected my writing but the story that fancied my mind and the takeaway summary that I wanted to share with people.

.How long you have taken  to write this book?

 About an year.  It was a difficult time and the best learning I received that writing is a tough and lonely process.

Q.Do you read a lot? What is your favorite book ? Favorite author?

 Yes I read a lot. I read mostly to write my books or to learn something and I don’t go by authors. My best fiction writer is Dan Brown, best self help book writer is Robert Kiyosaki. But I always like to discover more books and authors.

QYour favorite subject is particle physics ,duality and quantum enigma. How far your knowledge n these subjects you have utilized for writing this book?

 A lot. Reading, watching videos and then trying to simplify things for a reader who may not be so much into physics.

.Who has read the first manuscript of  the book? His/her comment on the same.

 It was two people actually who read the book as it was being born. My guru Frank Krishner who practically taught me writing and my student Shreya Singh, who gave a reader's  perspective.

 What are your hobbies other than writing?

 I love watching movies. I can go for hollywood movies two or three at a time. Everyday I thank people who created netflix.

 Q Is there a book  you are currently working on?

 The are two books actually. One is the sequel of this book and another one is based on serial murders.

Q Why have  you  gone for Self-Pubishing?

 I hate to hear a no and I can’t advice on it. That is why, after working on my book for an year and spending a handful on editing I decided to go for self publishing. I didn’t consult even one traditional publisher because I know I can make it work.

 Q The plot is basically on military and intelligence teams.How did you choose such a field for your first novel?

 I wanted to create a kick ass female character and what better place than a male dominated environment?

 Q Have you ever experienced writer’s block? If so share your experience.

 Writer’s block is a commonplace thing, especially when you are writing supernatural and make it sound logical. To get out of it I just keep on brainstorming and the answers present themselves.

 Q Who is your best critic and what is his /her comment?

 My teacher Frank and he says that;  I write shitty but have a knack for a wonderful plot.

 Q The book talks about struggles and challenges of Shruti. Did you know the end beforehand ?

 No. I still don’t know the end and I have to write a sequel. For me I keep on writing and the charterers create the story themselves. I never force my characters to do or behave in ways they can’t.

 Q Word of advice for budding writers special focus on how to manage rejection.

 Acceptance or rejection comes later. The first part is to create a book to the best of you abilities. Be your own critique. Learn about writing; some books are specially dedicated to those. Go to some creative writing courses if you can. It is an investment that pays. Writing is not the sword of Zeus that can only be held by his gifted sons and daughters. It is craft that can be mastered by anyone who is ready to give its due. 

Review of LOLITA

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