Sunday, 27 January 2019


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clipart rainbows


The Rainbow appears during the odd hours

Adorning the sky with all the  glittering powers

To present  an alluring   visual breat 

Assuring us always a definite heartbeat

Seven colors in equal and uniform measure

Give  us  all the joy and pleasure

It blooms and lasts only  for a small time

Like the short-lived air dubble whose aim

Is to show us life is unicertain and short

And play the game with fun   like  a sport

It is a graceful and delightful nift of nature

Flaunting a beautiful and beguiling  look ever mature

Envisaging loveliness and hope   in its beauty

To remind us to stick to our Futy 

Of practicing the message of unconditional love

For all the living earthlings with a vow 

Using Made Up Words, Write An Amusing Rhyming Poem

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