Sunday, 30 December 2018

Love your job

If at all I have to be a shadow of someone for a day I prefer my first boss as he is my philosopher,mentor ,guide and role model. Because he has taught me wisdom and great values.He is well experienced and highlyh knowledge person. The following  story involving me and my boss would substantiate the above fact.

Work is its own reward

During  the period of 80’s  after graduation with a first class degree I started to search for a  reasonable and respectable job . It seemed a Herculean task to find a suitable job even though I left no stone unturned and in course of time  I became a naysayer .

 Fortunately I landed in a job with the help of my dearest buddy. I got appointment  as  a sales Representative in a partnership firm selling Engineering and electrical goods. I had less and less desk work and more and more external job. I used to carry a specimen kit of Electric shock guard and  I went to various companies and organizations for canvassing orders for the same. This I had to execute by means of a demo to all and tell about the salient features of the same.

First impression should be the best one.

Since It was my first job I took it  seriously and worked hard to prove myself.I had to report to my boss now and then about the progress and constraint.  Due to my dedication to the  job and my knowledge about drafting letters etc  always I was in his good books . He got a soft corner for me and whatever request I put in he agreed sans questioning.

 Including me there were fifty employees.I got an edge over others by virtue of my qualification as all others were either metric passed or failed. As they were well experienced and learned a lot  they handled their job as a versatile artist and well versed in their field like accounts etc.

Attitude alters  altitude.

Apart from my  meager  salary as I was compensated by means of perks in the form of incentive and beta.I used to put in my best efforts to finish my job in time with a proactive manner with  a result oriented approach   Since I was treated as a family member by all in the office , it became my next home .

Compliment  in public but correct  in private.

Once it so happened  an electrical item meant for a firm which I had to hand over it  to the same.I went there by bus carrying it in a bag. Reaching there when I opened the bag I  found it broken into pieces.I thought of resigning my job as I was negligent ,caused monetary loss to my company. I was not  so serious about my job. I wanted to resign. My boss advised me not to quit and be careful hereafter.If he  has punished me in one way other it would have been an indelible scar in my mind .  

Give respect and  get respect.

I developed the habit of respecting others wholeheartedly . I did not give room to  my ego to interfere in this matter  If you treat people well, you will be treated well by them . This I learnt from my boss. Wheneve there was a function in our boss house all irrespective of cadre or status we were invited to attend the same  and he sat with us to see we were treated well.

 We had got  a strong  sense of belonging to the concern as well as with each other and the atmosphere as well as the environment would be always happy and joyful.

Work is fun and fun only. We have to develop the correct attitude to take work as a fun and play.Team spirit is the secret of success of any organization.Working together we can gather many laurels .

All these good qualities  I could imbibe  from the comely behavior of my boss

He used to tell us all the following soulcentric words.

Life may be a short or long or  the medium journey  with twistst and turns we have to upgrade our social skills so that it would be a happy , benign and peaceful one for all and we should safeguard ourselves and others from all the troubles and turmoils with due tolerance, understanding and empathy.

WOW: Imagine You Are SomeoneĆ¢€™s Shadow For A Day

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  1. Very nice post written from the heart. And a very sensible advice to those looking for a job. Give respect and get respect.

  2. Love and respect your job/work you'll get the same in return. Well said! :)

  3. Thanks Kokila Gupta. Yeah indeed at the same proportion.



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