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Review of Life is the Flower Love is the Honey


Kindle edition   

No of pages : 133

       Published on 21st August 201
       ASIN B07FZXL5Q5

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My take 
Even though the length of the title astonishes me I am taken away by the compelling words LIFE FLOWER LOVE AND HONEY. I am very much inclined with avidity to read the book at one go. The cover also suits me to enter into it with lots of hope and I am satisfied.

Life is the Flower, Love is the honey “ by Surabhi Sharma is a fabulous love story of Shubh and Monica.

It is a story of love, breakup, joy, passion, pain, and success.

Handsome Shubh is a devoted shutterbug not by chance but by choice and his passion for becoming a nature photographer proves that his first love is a camera.  In our society parents dominate children to go by their words rather than they follow their ambition when it comes to choosing one's career. Shubh has chosen to obey them and get employed in a company.

In an art gallery, he meets Monica a beautiful charming girl. At first sight, she develops a love for Shubh. As far as she is concerned her parents identify her acumen for painting and they encourage her to follow what she aspires to do. She becomes a great artist. Zuni is her friend and she helps her run the show.

The social drama goes further to unfurl the first love of Monica.  The rest of the story deals with the true love that blossoms between Shubh and Monica and how she helps him to bring his dreams to reality.

The wonderful book carries two parts: one brings the nuggets of wisdom in the form of messages targeting the youth serving as a self-help book for a happy life. The powerful notions and words would definitely make a great impact in the reader's mind.  

The language is simple, direct and honest. It gives a seamless read. The narrative prose takes a lot for talking about the passion, vision, and mission of the MCs. in their pursuit of goals.

The pace is even not dragging or fast.

My favorite

I like both the protagonists Shubh and Monica for their work and the dedication and devotion would enthrall you. Also, I admire Zuni as a thoughtful and close friend of Monica.

These philosophical words impress me a lot

Life is for love and love is for the soul.

Let life celebrate having you. Let death dread to take you.

A dream brings out the best in you. A dream should start with your heart and end in your mind.

You need to feel the happiness inside and that is truly living.

When things go awry, count on your blessing.

Today is the best day of your life and you have the power to turn it that way.

What I feel.

 Supportive characters are not given due weight. Dialogues can be improved to give a formal look.    

The storyteller in the authoress makes the reading a nice one.

Simple language and the decent story make you finish the book in 4 to 5 sittings. It is not only a good read but also a must read by the youth for all the good messages it carries.

I recommend this book to every teenager and youth searching for love stories and the millenniums should read this book for the motivating and inspiring soul-centric words. 

Score: 3/5

Disclaimer: I have received thee book from the author in exchange  of my honest and unbiased review  and i have not received any monetary compensation from them for the same.

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