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No of pages :   416

Published by :Notion press

Published on :October 15 th 2018

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Genre : YA Fantasy Political thriller 

 My take

 After having read, an IT professional- turned author Samura's previous books namely Silconpururm and Semmari   he has become my favorite author. 

My sincere thanks to him for having sent me a free review copy of Vaseegara Nadu .which is a fitting tribute to DR. A P J Abdul Kalam.

First few pages of Vaseegara Nadu have slowed my reading as a lot of descriptions have gone into covering the details of backdrop of  sea and the land nearer to the sea and also a new race of people living in the natural surroundings. Afterward, I quicken the pace as the story unfolds with subplots like  layer after layer in an amazing gait..

I am overwhelmed by the raw, deeply creative and dark story of valour, revenge, loyalty friendship, enmity, violence, deceitfulness ,battles, and defeats. that would blow you away.

This mind-blowing novel is a mix of fantasy and fairy tale with a realistic feel. 
It is amazingly gritty, savage and heroic fantasy novel that gives all the thrill and excitement. The beautiful story in the harsh imaginative setting has got a sure edge to hook the readers.

The Plot.

This lengthy 416 pages book carries 25 chapters each has got a caption.Its a story of a greediness of a tyrant king of one nation to  capture another kingdom.

The story begins with Koran a ruthless pirate saving a child abandoned by his parents. He christens him Vadumaran. He grows along with his biological son Porimudi. Once they go to the river all alone and Porimudi is caught by a bird Purasura.He has lost his left eye and left leg.

Porimudi reads a lot and learns to guide Vadumaran in several war strategies. In the meantime, they lose their parents. They capture Koranadu with the help of pirates and rule the country.They always try to go for war with  other countries. Vadumaran marries Udayavarasi and they have got a son namely Eladheeran.

Deivasenar a learned guru teaches youngsters all the training for fighting. Vadumaran sends his son Elamaran for learning the skills. Senganal is the only son of Deivasenar.

In the meantime, Vadumaran comes to know about Vaseegara Nadu and decides to fight for the same. 

What is the beauty and greatness  of Vaseegara Nadu? whether Vadumaran succeeds in his endeavors? How they are powered to fight with the opponent? What are the special powers used by the soldiers of Vaseegara Nadu?

So many questions arise and you have to read the book for the answers.

The Pro

The title Vaseegara Nadu and the Subtitle Kanporai Cavarum are eye-catching and the beguiling cover with the images of the two  warriors on the background of the fort is alluring.

The simple  and neat language , writing are good and the narrative prose is the sure page-turner. Once I start to read the book pages fly. The political drama with all the twists and turns includes all the vibes, sentiments and feelings.

The extraordinary power of MCs by taking the form of an animal mainly Crab and Tortoise is depicted with dexterity and prudence..Not only children but also adults would enjoy the tale. Especially the fighting scenes where the warriors change their power is shown in a grand manner. The author has done a great job on this facet.

The fast-paced novel leaves you so engaging to it you won't find a place where it drags. When the knots are unfurled you would feel how intriguing and interesting they are.  As a fantasy writer, the author has lived in the realm of imagination to weave a magical story. The scientific and technical adventures at the time of war would  astound you. Its a story sans boring elements with memorable characters and a riveting plot.

The creativity the evocative language and the quick change of scenes are the reason to experience a benign read. The characters so etched out nicely .you like a guy for all his wit and wisdom, but he dies by the attack of a prudent foe. The gory, bloody with a great deal of realism fights in the arena remind you those fought in the battlefield with ferocity and unexpected finish.

The author has tackled the nitty-gritty of creating a fantasy world of new races with magical powers.
The largest world of imagination with a complex sense.The destiny of one affects other's trajectory leading to the movement of the story with all the terror and horror.

Also the Eco-freindly attitude of the author reflects in all the scenes highlighting the natural resources and the love for animals.
My favorite

I like the following chapters

1. Vaseegara Nadu


3. Karpour

Characterwise I admire both Senganal and Aravika. I like the way the guru trains his students and the competitions they face would astonish. The unethical methods of Vadumaran and Porimudi  make me hate them. Among the supportive characters I like Deivasenar ,Gnani  and Kavarathevan.

So many wise messages are sprinkled throughout the book.
The succinct blurb gives an account of the nice story  The font , paper quality and the printing are so good ,it makes the reading easy.

What I feel

How on the battlefield the soldiers belonging to the Kora Nadu can fight and simultaneously dig pits to conceal themselves in the night without the notice of the opponents?  

A map would be a fitting addition and the drawings in color would be a great attraction.

My verdict.

Definitely, the book is great on the entertainment quotient and it would  give a great read for fans of fantasy novel belong to all generations. The author has put in all the efforts utilizing his scientific and technical knowledge to include so many ideas and informations to engage us through the novel. This is one of the rarest of the rare book in Tamil in fantasy genre it would engage children, youth and elders as there are many thrillers and romance I novels.

The concept is executed so nicely to give an edge of the script for a movie.

A must read by fantasy fans and others also would enjoy the novel.

Don't wait.Grab the copy from the above link and pamper yourself with a treat of fantasy. 

My Score : 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received  the free copy of this book from the author in exchange of my honest and unbiased review and I have not received any monetary  compensation for the same.

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Fireworks, Light, Festival, Beautiful, Pyrotechnics

What if we celebrate every moment, won't you think our  life would be a great blessing? The hustle and bustle in the day to day routine matters take a lot of toll we forget to go by the here and now principle. Festivity comes with the joy of feasting and partying. Once the festival season starts our family would be abuzz with festive spirit and the zeal would be there till the end. Festivals are there to make us realize the beauty of our life and instigates us to flaunt our appreciation of the same. We indulge in all sort of preparations to make the celebration a grand success.

In this busy and stressful world in the technology connectivity era, we forget to emotionally connect with others. Emotional malnutrition spoils our relationships and they become strained giving all the stress and tension. Festivals act  like speed breakers and we are forced to take them seriously to rebuild our social life and rediscover it.

The collective celebration gives an opportunity to mingle with others and our happiness would be increased manifold and the impact would be everlasting.

What if we empathize with the children in an orphanage and celebrate with them, is it not true such a celebration would make not only the children happy we also feel the same way? My daughter suggested on a particular festival day that we would celebrate the same with the children staying in  an orphanage. We took it in right spirit and looked for an orphanage nearby  I contacted the person who is in charge of the same .

Among the children,some are abandoned by unwed mothers and some have lost their parents to accidents. Some are differently abled. There is no one to take care of them and they depend on those who run the center. They also long for love and affection which they miss at their precious childhood days . They need a good diet and moral  support. They are to be assured of safety and security. They should also get guidance to avoid any trouble and mishap.

 First of all, I arranged new dresses for the inmates nearly 50 children aged 3- 10. On that day we went there along  with some of our relatives and friends. In the morning we got introduced to  the staff and the children. First, there was a game session where the children participated and we gave prizes to them. Then there was a grand lunch arranged for all and we served to the children. Again in the afternoon, we got an outing to a nearby park, After play , in the evening and at  the night we got a cultural programme.

After spending the day with the children we returned to our home with contentment and happiness.  The children and the staff they thanked us .We also felt that we would  miss them. 
After festive furore, we may feel exhausted due to overindulgence of feasting etc. But this collective celebration conjures up bliss giving all the freshness and mindfulness. 

We plan to  visit such orphanages once in while to  celebrate with the children and share our happiness.


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Review of Life is the Flower Love is the Honey


Kindle edition   

No of pages : 133

       Published on 21st August 201
       ASIN B07FZXL5Q5

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My take 
Even though the length of the title astonishes me I am taken away by the compelling words LIFE FLOWER LOVE AND HONEY. I am very much inclined with avidity to read the book at one go. The cover also suits me to enter into it with lots of hope and I am satisfied.

Life is the Flower, Love is the honey “ by Surabhi Sharma is a fabulous love story of Shubh and Monica.

It is a story of love, breakup, joy, passion, pain, and success.

Handsome Shubh is a devoted shutterbug not by chance but by choice and his passion for becoming a nature photographer proves that his first love is a camera.  In our society parents dominate children to go by their words rather than they follow their ambition when it comes to choosing one's career. Shubh has chosen to obey them and get employed in a company.

In an art gallery, he meets Monica a beautiful charming girl. At first sight, she develops a love for Shubh. As far as she is concerned her parents identify her acumen for painting and they encourage her to follow what she aspires to do. She becomes a great artist. Zuni is her friend and she helps her run the show.

The social drama goes further to unfurl the first love of Monica.  The rest of the story deals with the true love that blossoms between Shubh and Monica and how she helps him to bring his dreams to reality.

The wonderful book carries two parts: one brings the nuggets of wisdom in the form of messages targeting the youth serving as a self-help book for a happy life. The powerful notions and words would definitely make a great impact in the reader's mind.  

The language is simple, direct and honest. It gives a seamless read. The narrative prose takes a lot for talking about the passion, vision, and mission of the MCs. in their pursuit of goals.

The pace is even not dragging or fast.

My favorite

I like both the protagonists Shubh and Monica for their work and the dedication and devotion would enthrall you. Also, I admire Zuni as a thoughtful and close friend of Monica.

These philosophical words impress me a lot

Life is for love and love is for the soul.

Let life celebrate having you. Let death dread to take you.

A dream brings out the best in you. A dream should start with your heart and end in your mind.

You need to feel the happiness inside and that is truly living.

When things go awry, count on your blessing.

Today is the best day of your life and you have the power to turn it that way.

What I feel.

 Supportive characters are not given due weight. Dialogues can be improved to give a formal look.    

The storyteller in the authoress makes the reading a nice one.

Simple language and the decent story make you finish the book in 4 to 5 sittings. It is not only a good read but also a must read by the youth for all the good messages it carries.

I recommend this book to every teenager and youth searching for love stories and the millenniums should read this book for the motivating and inspiring soul-centric words. 

Score: 3/5

Disclaimer: I have received thee book from the author in exchange  of my honest and unbiased review  and i have not received any monetary compensation from them for the same.

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Truth Quote: Whoever is careless with the truth in...

TRUTH TRIUMPHS   ALWAYS. Even though we are 100% sure of this wise quote we utter lies now and then without any thoughtfulness. For trivial matters, we tell lies. We don’t bother about the consequences. We look at others eyes and our body language is so perfect to feign to establish our lies.

On seeing the play depicting the life of Harichandra the iconic personality who loved and lived a life of truthfulness and because of that he lost his kingdom Gandhi decided to follow the path of truth. There are many people who espouse the Father of the nation,Mahatma Gandhi try to be true to their conscience and avoid telling lies at any cost.

Let us meet some funny situations where lies are frequent and unwanted.
Suppose a  student goes on leave and he gives the following reason.
‘My grandma died’
The class teacher would ask  how many grandmothers he  has got so that he can prepare himself to hear the same reason in the future,

Another situation wherein  one of  my colleagues uses to give the reason for his absence 
‘A dog has bitten him.’
He would tell the reason many a time he has got the nickname DOG BITE (nai kadi in Tamil) We would make fun of him one  day he would bite a dog.

In our life, we won’t tell the truth sometimes assuming that lying  at the given circumstance is not harmful.

In our office, one day a person came and asked about my buddy who was working in another section. I called him over the phone and told him about the person who wanted to meet him. On seeing him my buddy went into the bathroom and didn’t turn up at all. That person after waiting for some time  went away. When my buddy returned I asked him why he was afraid of him. He lied he owed some amount to him.

Next day my buddy stayed in his room and told me to tell a lie-if the same person comes we have to tell him he has gone out of the station. As told by him we also lied to him when he came again.

My buddy kept himself locked in his room and didn’t come out. When the person came again I asked him the fact. Actually, he is a marriage broker and my buddy has agreed to a proposal after meeting the girl suggested by him. All in his family are satisfied and only he is dodging for the marriage.

I consult with my buddies and on their suggestion, we have contacted his father. When I tell the truth to him his father has got shocked and requested us to convince him for the marriage. Then we have hatched a plan We have requested his father to send a message that he was not feeling well and he wanted to meet him. 

On seeing the message my buddy’s face has gone red and we have asked why he is upset. He has showed the message consoling him we have said we would accompany him to his hometown. When we have gone there we are taken to someone's house where there is a big crowd.

So many arrangements have been made for the betrothal function. The marriage broker is there and my buddy puts up a sorry figure in front of us. His parents have told about the programme and said that the bride’s family members want to have the same fixed on that day. On sensing the situation my buddy cannot do anything and we 've also coaxed him to agree for the marriage.He has understood we are  all behind this drama and has given his consent.

What has started with a lie has to end due to another lie.

Money, fortune, and fame are,by nature ephemeral and we should not resort to telling lies for the sake of them.       

When we have got love. and affection, the truth would prevail..  
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Review of SHAHRYAR A life in poetry


No of pages :230

Published by HarperCollins Publishers India

Published on 25th August 2018

Booklinks: Goodreads Amazon  

Author's links Goodreads Amazon 

Genre: Nonfiction Biography

You have sold the ink of the night
To the morning
You will be punished someday
For the devastation you have wrought

My  take
I thank Rakhshanda Jalil and Harper Collins Publishers India for having sent me the book.

For fans of literary work it is a great blessing to come upon a biography in English on Shahryar a great poet in Urdu ,one of the most important voices in contemporary Indian poetry(1936-2012). Now how s that blurb introduces him.would you be able to ignore when the subtitle is  A LIFE IN POETRY? Probably not. So couldn'n t I.

When I have received the book from the Publishers Harper collins. I find the reading an amazing experience. Whether for knowledge or wisdom you can blindly pick this book up and be amazed.

The Plan
Both the soft and hardcover with the image of Shahryar put in a majestic manner and the subtitle are appealing.The book has got 2 sections In section 1 there are 4 chapters. The third chapter speaks about Ghazals and the fourth one about Nazms. The second section comprises a selection of poems, Bibliography, Index, and acknowledgments

The authoress introduces the book  as follows.:


Shahryar ‘s official date of birth is 16 the June 1936.Born in a family of Lalkhani Rajput Muslims.After his primary education, he joined city school in Aligarh. Where he got Urdu as a medium of education.He passed his BA in 1958 and from the final year, he started writing poetry.He completed his MA in Urdu in 1961.He obtained his Ph.D also.

He wrote his own kind of poetry and make a name for himself .The book goes on to give the versions of critics about his poetry and his love for the language Urdu and life.There are so many references to praise  his acumen in writing  poems to the delight of all.Due to the influence of the small leftist group lead by Munibur Rehman, he was considered by campus leftists as a fellow traveler.
Like this many references are made about his social life and the impact on his poetry.

Rakhshanda Jalil has covered all the facets of his life which include The Progressive Writer's Movement and modernism. How he has excelled creating ghazals, nazms and film lyrics is well depicted by her. She has noted explanations in the foot notes for the ready referencer of the readers. The authoress has translated the writings of the poet. Both Urdu and English versions they are given for the benefit of the Urdu speaking readers also. 

The Pro

The language of the book is easy and fluid. Like I stated earlier, it is full of wit and wisdom. The book has value and engaging through the book.The writing style is also breezy and delicate and brings out the best of the authoress .I personally cherished the book.

The authoress observations in this book are so comprehensive and well supported that her serious study must take into account and her conclusions are athentic.
Cover photo by Siddiq Ahmed Siddiqi, Tittle calligraphy by Nikheel Aphale , Cover design by Studio Em&En are nice.   

My favorite

 The following  ghazals, and nazms attract my attention.

I am seeing my face in your eyes

Is it a whim, or a dream.

You are so close to me

I am so far from you.

No one is big or small: the mirage belongs to everyone

Everyone is thirsty alike, everyone is equal. 

Between you and me

There’s nothing but lust

Meet me somewhere one day

Away from your body.

About art 

The primary function of any art form is to surprise; it is the most magical effect that art can produce.

Quality of a poet 

A poet must reach the greatest number of people.

 Best criticism from his well wishers 

His poems had bare, simple, sincere words coming from the heart that touched the heart.

Sir Syed’s advice was: Bring your work even closer to nature. The extent to which a work comes closer to nature is the extent to which it gives pleasure.

Good poetry can indeed make the reader feel 'I could have said this 'or This is exactly how I feel. 

 My verdict

The authoress brings a scholar's care to many facets  of this biography. Her primary source research is thorough, and she has uncovered some interesting material regarding his strengths and achievements.

This book should remain robustly alive as long as readers are fascinated by the magic of Gazals and nazms and film lyrics.. Those unacquainted with the book should read it. 

Overall, this book  is a pleasant read and I will recommend it to people who are looking for a well crafted non-fiction biography about a great poet.

 Score: 5/5

 Disclaimer: I have received a free copy of the book from M/S HarperCollinsIN. This is  my unbiased and honest review.  I have not received any monetary compensation for the same . 

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