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Killer Moves by Varsha Dixit

Kindle edition

No of  pages: 468

Published on :18th June 2018


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Genre: YA Crime thriller Psycho Contemporary  

My take

I sincerely thank Varsha Dixit for having sent me E Arc  the review copy.Also I thank Rubina Ramesh for helping me to  reach her.

 Serial killers are making a favorite villain of suspense novels owing to the danger they pose and remaining enigma to all concerned. More victims followed by investigation all take you to the edge of the seat experience.

I like such type of thrillers not only for the goosebumps they give but also several ideas, lessons, modes - operandi and messages they convey through the story.

Killer Moves by Varsha Dixit is an alarming and exciting tale totally tearing that leaves the readers shocked and surprised at the end. Crafted with a fervor that is both boisterous and compassionate this is an intricate and powerful novel., 

Yea, you are correct about the title. Killer moves to tell that the killer is not only moving but also making moves.

The cover design is apt for the genre.

There are totally 98 chapters ending with an Epilogue.

Driven by anxiety and love, Aisha daughter of 66-year-old retired Supreme Court Judge working in the media world leaves for Panaji to save her 20-year-old niece Kiara Khatri aka Kia who has gone there to attend a calendar photo shoot as she is a model. she thinks she is in danger which fact she realizes from the gift ESP buffet and telepathic senses to connect with dead and even with the dying.

There she meets  Kabir Rana tall and handsome originally a prince belonging to a royal family at Sirsa presently running his ad agency. Vikas is his assistant.

In the chapter 14 SSP Parth Mangal CBI enters into the police headquarters Panaji Goa to investigate about the two unsolved murders of young women raped and strangled.  A serial killer is on the prowl and there is all the likelihood of fresh murders in the near future.

Jacob a jovial driver of the police Gypsy accompanies him as per the order of the Commissioner Meisha. Parth  meets Dr. Madhuri Lorso the chief Examiner at A.S. Mortuary and asks about the details of the victims.

Since Aisha is a Board-certified Behavior Analyst she joins Parth to nab the serial killer. Already there is an attempt to kill Kiara she has got a vested interest in cracking the mystery. Their journey to unravel the knots how far and hard they find the truth and how many secrets come into light form the rest of the tale.

How the CBI officer investigates the case forms the core part of the novel. It is replete with situational comedy and a series of unexpected horrible incidents. taking place at regular intervals.

The end decides who wins and who loses.

The enormously interesting story of characters at many levels of struggles and challenges.

Masterful in every part it is a hot best seller.

This story deals with  peculiar activities of persons addicted to   fetish, unwed mothers eccentric people like pedophile and  necrophilia belonging to the   dark side of the society.      

A Sinister thriller with ample turns and twists and it is a sure roller-coaster ride.

For the murder mystery genre, supporting characters also need to play an important role to keep them engaged and this novel doesn’t disappoint on this front.

 The story progresses at a good pace and never seems to be stretched. This book can be reread as it reveals many profound thoughts that can linger in your mind for a long time.

This articulately- written book has got a wonderful coherency to it. The narrative proceeds in a fluency which is amazing

There are a plethora of characters and all fit into their roles perfectly. Aisha the protagonist has impressed me a lot. She is at her best in reading between the lines and other skills. Also, I like  the romance between her and Kabir. 

I admire  Kabir for his devotion to his profession and simplicity albeit he belongs to a royal family.

This story has myriad of angles and the plot is panoptic with all the subplots leading to the unexpected convergence. 

This strong daring novel is to be read by fans of thrillers. Recommended to those readers looking for the thrill and read an interesting adult contemporary novel.

My score: 5/5

 Disclaimer: I have received the Kindle copy from the authoress free in exchange of  my honest and unbiased review and I  have NOT received any  monetary gain for the same.  

Monday, 13 August 2018

Review of LOLITA


Kindle edition

Published on:  May 8th 2018

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Genre: YA Fiction Romance Social Drama 

My take 

Every girl has to pass through an essential  phase of her life when she is nubile to settle in her life by getting into the institution of marriage in our country.
 For parents also it is a duty when they have to  arrange for the same. At this juncture, it may so happen things would divert into an unplanned direction giving all the joy or pain to them according to the way it has happened.

Lolita, the  charming  protagonist due to choosing her own trajectory  to become  an actress  while her orthodox  parents are arranging for her marriage, the social drama develops into an interesting and engaging one so that  you can get your hands on this novella.

On seeing the cover one might mistake it to YA fiction with adult content but it is a mixture of emotions, sentiments, and relationships.

The heartrendering story starts with an accident that takes place at the curve of the main road that connects Lolita 's house to the jungle at Panchgani when she has taken a stroll and she has escaped unhurt but Advait Rana a web designer behind the steer of his car gets wounded.

Lolita helps him to recover and love blooms between them.  She comes to know about his family. His wife Pari has committed suicide due to depression and he is living with their daughter Simone. His sister Aachal helps them at this turbulent days. Simone suffers from temporary muteness and hence as a single parent, he is very much protective of her.

Lolita shares with him her tale from the day she leaves Kumbakonam her native place a town in South India along with Sandy a famous director in the Bollywood. She becomes a celebrity and develops a live in relationship with Sandy.

A secret in Sandy ’s life shatters her dreams. She leaves Mumbai and comes to Panchgani. What is the secret that haunts her?

Have her parents  come to term with her after they know about her career in the tinsel realm?  What has happened to love between her and Advait and how  Simone reacts to the same?

Answers to these questions form the rest of the story. This is the first book I have read through Kindle device and I am glad to say I am fully satisfied with the concept and execution.

The storyline may be tenuous but very sensual and entertaining. The characters are realistic and you can relate to them. The narrative prose is sure page-turner. The descriptiveness of scenes wherein  Lolita and Advait sexual encounters are given in detail is scintillating.  The language fits the mood and the pace is steady to hook you.

There are sufficient knots  to make the reading an amazing experience .

This captivating story of secrets betrayal pressures love and joy would enthrall you .

The authoress has crafted a nice tale that would definitely make an impact in you.

This book is meant for those YA fiction lovers wherein the story revolves around a great actress.

My rating :4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the E-book from the author free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and I have not received any monetary benefit for the same. 

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