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No of  pages  246

Published by Notion

Published on August 2 nd 2017

Genre; YA Ficcton Fantayy  Mystery 

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Genre: YA Fiction Mysstery Fantasy.

My take

Monika Thakur in her new book: THE SECRET OF THE SCULPTURES  has woven an intriguing story around the concept of loss and search of sculptures. Sculptures are the attraction of tourists and their values are immeasurable.The hidden secrets behind the creation of them are sufficient to  instill an interest in the subject.

This story makes you anxious, curious enough to know about the theft and the search for it.
In the beginning, it is a slow read and the descriptive prose sprinkled with suspense events make the reading fun and gratifying. Sometimes it is full of revelations of hidden historic events and sometimes dripping with magic and mystery.
The plot revolves around the lifelong friends Aditi and Maitreyi and the theft of a priceless sculpture from Aditi’s college. There are totally 19 chapters and they are aptly captioned. Like
A journey begins
A theft occurs
A net is cast.
In respect of the theft, many a question arise.
Who has stolen the sculpture from the college n Delhi.?
Where is it kept now?

For answers to all these questions, you have to read the book.

The title and the cover design are catchy and related to the core theme of the book.
There is a fitting climax and you would be surprised to know the end.

This is not the typical run on the fast track with all the twists and turns but if you want to read a suspense thriller this book must be the book for you.

The plot is simple but what makes the book ok is the enticing writing  style of the authoress.
Also, a great deal of efforts has gone into the making of characters.
 It has got a set of interesting characters to keep the action in pace and full support of the main ones.

An amzing read for suspense thrillers associated with the theft of sculptures and finding out of them.

My score 4/5

Disclaimer "I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset"

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