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No of pages : 199

Published by: Power publishers

Published on: 28th June 2018

Genre:  YA Fiction Romance Contemporary 

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My take 

Debasmita Nath Ghosh's HOPE AND SUNSHINE is a fantastic romantic story of Naina Grover a Punjabi lady from Delhi  . It tells  her tale of love, joy, frustration ,tragedy and dilemma . It is a woman centric subject and talks about  working Ladies,' hope to achieve anything  in the male dominated corporate realm and keep a work-life balance.

The title HOPE AND SUNSHINE  and the flamboyant  cover design  flaunt the book as a romance fiction and it  is a typical love story told in a nice  manner.  The tale is depicted through the protagonist a young beautiful lady ,working professional  . The backdrop of the story is Kolkatta .

Charming and courageous Naina is working in a big firm holding a highly responsible  position.When she has pursued her  MBA she has met Ved  and  they have fallen  in love .After they have  completed their studies Naina joins a big firm in Kolkatta  and Ved Is working at Mumbai.

Even though they are living apart they contact over phone and always in touch with each other. 

Ved’s mother has got brain  tumour which is life threatening and he becomes busy with his mother's treatment.

Adtya, a handsome guy joins the firm where Naina is Zonal HR Manager. He is a bright chap and so much of pain hidden below the surface

 Arvind is Naina’s  Cousin brother. Since both Arvind and Aditya  have studied at MDI Gurgaon there they have become  buddies. 

Naina staying all alone in Kolkatta uses to frequent Arvind’s house . His  mom Massi is close to Naina. She is taking some crucial decisions that proves she is blessed with wisdom  which makes the rest of the story.

The tenuous and  fluffy plot revolves around the above MCs .  The blurb discuses about the hopes amidst of distance relationship and a family secret which haunts her a lot .

The language is good and the narrative prose makes you to turn the pages automatically 

When reading the book it seems we are seeing Hindi serial .

The pace is steady enough to make the reading a benign experience characters are realistic and very minimum.

What  I feel is that the events are very much predictable and there is no twists or turns to hook the readers. Strong sub plots could be added to  strengthen the main plot . The dialogues are  formal.

Also I like the character of Naina Grover as she resembles the woman belongs to the present
generation who want to achieve amidst of all the odds.

I like the following premise which  talks of generation gap as quoted in the book.

Every generation is better and yet worse than the previous one.  

The authoress has crafted a beautiful love story in a clean and neat way. It is a light read whoever  admires the social drama of love, and relationship. 

The book targets the urban women living in the  cosmopolitan atmosphere  especially working professional . It is a great entertainment to them . 

My score: 4/5

Disclaimer: I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset"

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