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Hope , Happiness ,humour ,desires and dreams all become a life and when you read on the . duty, responsibility , tolerance  wit and wisdom  it gives all the  delight to fathom the complexity of life and aspire to achieve  a happy and  successful life.  When I read the book THE BLUE MOON DAY Five Men's Magical Discovery Enroute Life   it  has  made  me  laugh ,  cry  and muse over    the above thoughs .

The 5 stories in the best seller book  evoke the fire in our belly for making of  ordinary individuals  into extraordinary personalities. , giving all the vibes and entertainment .

The author of the book  Santhosh Sivaraj , a banker sailor,teacher,and entreprenuer having varied experience has penned this fantabulous book in an excellent manner.

Today I am giving  below the outcome of my candid chat with him wherein he tells about his passion  for writing  and life. I am honoured to feature his interview  in my blog.

Santhosh Sivaraj

Q Tell us about yourself apart from the author of THE BLUE MOON DAY   who is Santhosh Sivaraj?

I can answer your question in five adjectives
1.       Creative Dreamer
2.       Unconditional Lover
3.       Hard core Feminist
4.       Simplicity Seeker
5.       Arrogant Optimist

Q Say a few words about your book THE BLUE MOON DAY for the readers.

The Book “The Blue Moon Day” is about how one can make his ordinary life extraordinary. It aims at inspiring people at every walks of life by personally relating with the characters in the book and see life in a totally different perspective albeit beautiful. 

Q How you have got the motivation to write a book?

I have answered this in detail in the preface of my book which discusses about a tragic accident that made me reconsider my priorities in my life starting from writing this book.

Q How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason(s) for writing each book?

Becoming Author was never my plan. The only thing I believe which inspired me to write was to tell people something which they fail to see otherwise. I love to write different versions of life and bring out unique emotions in the readers. Apart from writing I believe I speak the same way.

Q Tell about your journey as a writer?

I believe a book is created by the author’s intellect and wisdom which he had developed over his life and not just the time he spends in front of his laptop. This way I think ii had a pretty interesting journey so far.

Q Your book THE BLUE MOON DAY carries 5 different stories on various backdrop. But the end relates to all of them. Have you decided the end and start the stories or vice Versa?

I must say that I had a different idea when I started writing the book but it took a different path during the course of the writing and finally ended up surprising myself. This way even enjoyed the twists and turns the book had to offer.

Q Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

I don’t have any particular favouritte in general.

Q What are your hobbies apart from reading and writing?

I enjoy going on a long drive, trekking and playing sports of all kinds.

Q You seem to be well aware of the pulse of the youth   and elders in the present   era.  These lovely   and lively   stories have written from your own experience?    Which is the story you would feel most connected?

It is hard to choose a single story as my favouritte one however for the sake of the Interview I would like to go with the last story of my book named “The Heaven”. This perhaps is that one chapter which is deeper and to some extent divine and can be related by the people who have this seeking inside them.

Q Have you got writer’s block? If so how you have managed it?

I never got the writer’s block as I write it in my mind to start with  before getting it on the pages.

Q Any new project you are working on currently?

I am presently working on my second book and hope to release in the current year itself. 

Q Tell about the positive reviews   you cherish the most and the negative review if any and the way you have dealt with it?

Positive reviews were mostly the one who somehow took a kind a ownership on the book and felt a deep desire to make the book successful and not to let it disappear amidst the crowd. Getting well wishers like them is the first and the foremost success of the book.
So far I have not received any harsh reviews which had disturbed me but yes there were reviews questioning the characterization, pace of the book and the language used. I could not comment much on it as those were the point praised for as well by many of the reviewers.

Q Your book carries a lot of lessons and messages for the youth. The book is very relevant when the values are deteriorating.    Are you satisfied the way book has come?

A writer can never get satisfied with his book. Even today if you give me the book, I will end up changing something and feel better about it. However my real satisfaction came after I started getting the reviews which made me a contented person.

Q Tell about your experience with your publisher.

My publisher is Invincible Publishers and I had a great experience working with their dynamic young team who are spirited and focused.

Q What is the advice you would give to budding writers?

Write for yourself as that’s the only thing that matters in the end and this way you can never get carried away. 

Thank you so much for your forthright answers .I await  your next book.In the meanwhile I wish you all the success in all your endeavours.

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