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No of pages : 326

Published by; Notionpress .inc

Published on: April 21 st 2018

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Genre: YA Fiction Socio-political crime thriller

My take

Every one of us at one time or other faces a situation wherein we become puppets of others destined to dance to their tunes silently suffering within. This is the theme of this book LET YOU BE MY PUPPET ONCE  by Preetika Mehra an MBA graduate working with an MNC in Chennai.

The plot

There are nearly 74 chapters, some are lengthy ones some are one paged. They carry suitable captions

To name a few

Fuzzy beginning

The Email

IT cell

The tale happens in various places  like Mumbai ,  Pune, Chennai and Kochi and other urban centers in India.. Also in foreign countries like The US.

Karan , an employee of an FMCG company is having Saima, Vdica and Josh as his buddies. While Josh and Saima are in love Karan and Vdica are good friends. Vedica  and Saima works in a bank Josh is associated with a Mumbai-based start-up.

Saima 's   younger  sister Meghna who is pursuing MBBS  is in love with Vasant a fellow aspiring doctor . Once she calls Saima at night from home and she takes a flight to Lucknow . She finds her sister lifeless ,her death by a thousand cuts. An investigation begins.

Karan.s father income tax commissioner was caught in a graft case. Karan doubts Pratap his father’s friend for his wrongdoing.

Kapil son of Chief Minister of UP is arranging a party in his farmhouse.  He and his brother Suraj have invited them to the party. Saima and Vedic attend the same along with Josh and Karan. In the party Zoravar ,Pratap  Natural Resource Minister’s son under the influence of liquor  tries to squeeze the life out of Saima and Vedica

They escape from his clutches and they go to a nearby police station to file an FIR.  The inspector  at the station sends them out without filing the FIR , because the culprits are sons of political bosses.

All the four , Saima , Vedika, Josh and Karan plan to punish the culprits and their tricks and struggles form the rest of the story.

The pro
The story is written in a subtle manner and each character is etched well
This novel is capable of flooring you by the writing style , strong plot line, and social drama with all the emotions to make you cry and contemplate.

The aspirations and attempts of youngsters  who have  got all acumen  and energy would be a   delight to read. When it revolves around  revenge the thrill is amazing as there is a clash of beliefs and reality. 

From the first few pages I get hooked   first into world of guys and their anxieties .Their bond and kinship are awesome. The shrewd and intelligent youth  meet  many dangers, and they use their prudence to outsmart their enemies.

The atrocities of corrupt politicians and greedy rich would shock you and the helplessness of the poor people would move
your heart,The courage and aversion of youngsters which give room to more and more rebellious and revolt against the perpetrators  would surprise you.

It is a story of passion and pain , dreams and debacles vices and virtues.

The characters are real and flawed and you have to love them.

What I feel

The language is mediocre and mundane.It can be improved a lot. The phrase - at the end of the day -comes frequently.Narrative prose could be groomed to a large  extent. 

My verdict

With a gripping climax ,which this fast paced  thriller ends as a cliffhanger, there is all the possibility of sequel fo this book by the authoress. Details after details pour in this book and when all end in place and the enormity of the happenings may give you a great entertainment.

The plot line is appreciable and it does not lack the grip but addictive.

I like the title as well as cover design which are alluring and tempting.They match the intensity and the  theme of the book.

I wish to appreciate the authoress confidence to weave a story
 in with diversification of circumstances  and occasions and she has outdone it.

It is worth a read if you want to try a story with suspense that can scar you.

I recommend this book to all thriller fans. 
The following premises attract my attention.

Intelligent is useful when it is complete and comprehensive,

Somehow the complex web of the world is weaved in such a fashion that they are controlled and made to work for the  politician  and rich business people.

In this digital age, Two things beat us. One fact to face discussions amongst people. Two obscurities of too much data,

The blurb highlights the inability of the Chief of Intelligence to find the difference between the real and planned evidence.

At around 326 pages this book is a fascinating read
This book is a must read book if you are looking for a socio-political thriller with indleible charecters .The social drama is crafted well where usage of new technology is giveen due significance..

My score : 4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the free copy of the book from the authoress and this is my honest and unbiased review 

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Abhinav   Singh

Abinav Singh brings us a pageturner, his dazzling debut novel THE LAST ATTRACTOR OF CHOAS .  I have given 5 stars  in  My review. .

This is the conversation  I have had  with  him  on his way of  reading , writing  and publsihing .I thank him for his valuable time .

Q.Please introduce yourself to my readers.

 Hi, I am Abhinav. I am a movie buff and eccentric reader.  I love to read as many books I can lay my hands on. I have been teaching Physics to IIT JEE aspirants for past ten years.

 Q.Tell us  How did you start writing? Did you intend to write novel or do you have a specific reason?    

    I started writing to invest my mind in some creative process and come out of the boredom of everyday work schedule.   
QThis is your first book. How do you select thriller instead of romance or other genre?

 It wasn’t by genre that I selected my writing but the story that fancied my mind and the takeaway summary that I wanted to share with people.

.How long you have taken  to write this book?

 About an year.  It was a difficult time and the best learning I received that writing is a tough and lonely process.

Q.Do you read a lot? What is your favorite book ? Favorite author?

 Yes I read a lot. I read mostly to write my books or to learn something and I don’t go by authors. My best fiction writer is Dan Brown, best self help book writer is Robert Kiyosaki. But I always like to discover more books and authors.

QYour favorite subject is particle physics ,duality and quantum enigma. How far your knowledge n these subjects you have utilized for writing this book?

 A lot. Reading, watching videos and then trying to simplify things for a reader who may not be so much into physics.

.Who has read the first manuscript of  the book? His/her comment on the same.

 It was two people actually who read the book as it was being born. My guru Frank Krishner who practically taught me writing and my student Shreya Singh, who gave a reader's  perspective.

 What are your hobbies other than writing?

 I love watching movies. I can go for hollywood movies two or three at a time. Everyday I thank people who created netflix.

 Q Is there a book  you are currently working on?

 The are two books actually. One is the sequel of this book and another one is based on serial murders.

Q Why have  you  gone for Self-Pubishing?

 I hate to hear a no and I can’t advice on it. That is why, after working on my book for an year and spending a handful on editing I decided to go for self publishing. I didn’t consult even one traditional publisher because I know I can make it work.

 Q The plot is basically on military and intelligence teams.How did you choose such a field for your first novel?

 I wanted to create a kick ass female character and what better place than a male dominated environment?

 Q Have you ever experienced writer’s block? If so share your experience.

 Writer’s block is a commonplace thing, especially when you are writing supernatural and make it sound logical. To get out of it I just keep on brainstorming and the answers present themselves.

 Q Who is your best critic and what is his /her comment?

 My teacher Frank and he says that;  I write shitty but have a knack for a wonderful plot.

 Q The book talks about struggles and challenges of Shruti. Did you know the end beforehand ?

 No. I still don’t know the end and I have to write a sequel. For me I keep on writing and the charterers create the story themselves. I never force my characters to do or behave in ways they can’t.

 Q Word of advice for budding writers special focus on how to manage rejection.

 Acceptance or rejection comes later. The first part is to create a book to the best of you abilities. Be your own critique. Learn about writing; some books are specially dedicated to those. Go to some creative writing courses if you can. It is an investment that pays. Writing is not the sword of Zeus that can only be held by his gifted sons and daughters. It is craft that can be mastered by anyone who is ready to give its due. 

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My take
The actions that we Choose to take ,and the actions that we don't..
All of it leads to one absolute inevitability-The Chaos 

Thrillers shine because they can instill excitement in the readers' mind. They give entertainment by virtue of  the fast paced and suspenseful storyline, the powerful characters and intriguing settings.

As a voracious reader, I  love to read them as there would be a lot of twists  and turns   I get sucked in to the story .You can also enjoy thrillers, having all the elements which  take you to the edge of the seat experience.

THE LAST ATTRACTOR OF CHAOS by Abhinav Singh is a story of deceit , revenge love camaraderie  and patriotism.

The story is set in the backdrop of R&AW New Delhi and Mumbai in the present  atmosphere.This is the great lady spy  novel of our time and a haunting and heartbreaking story of greed and violence, , crime and injustice, retribution and redemption. It  reveals the seemingly insurmountable tensions between her  and higher-ups  she  serves. A searing portrait of the  protagonist's courageous, and heroic journey. This book is  a masterpiece, full of shocking and surprising twists, leavened by flashes of dark humor, a morally complex and utterly riveting dissection of  the struggles and challenges  she meets in her  trajectory.

The blurb is so simple and direct capable of coaxing the readers to give it a try and they won't be disappointed.The title and the cover design are catchy and pertinent.

There are murder and gruesome attacks  in every chapter and the gory fight would surprise you.Packed with a lot of knots the tale deals with all the facets of a thriller starting with an occurrence of a heist. It continues to maintain the fast pace from the beginning to the end.

With powerful characters at the different settings the story revolves  around high profile of influential and extraordinarily highly placed personalities.Language is crisp lucid and fitting to the genre  with occasional touching of  jargon.

I like the protagonist, Shruti  aggressive and courageous lady , an agent  in the Intelligence Bureau for all her shrewdness and stubbornness.The episode involving her  coming of age story and reaches a top position in the IB is amazing. This would melt your heart.I also like the subplot wherein Joginder Chadha  a big shot is  conned in a funny  and ludicrous manner.

These two episodes would linger in my mind for a longer period.

Honey trap, kickbacks , treason, felony, bombing, surveillance , infiltration , coding, all these are included in the tale prudently.

After his death,scientist Aswin Rathore in the soul form wants  to help his wife Shrti with the help  of Tantunam Anuha also in the same form . This concept is dealt in a nice manner. His friend is telling about Elders. This is somewhat vague.

Special mention should be made  about the good paper quality , printing  with sufficient space. The dialogues are superb and they help in enriching the plot.

I like the plot , characters  and the theme of this book and I wish I reread the book whenever I find time.A thoroughly entertaining excursion to the military  and intelligence realms .

A gratifying read ,this book gives chilling  sensations  and the social drama would enthrall you . A dazzling tale of intrigue it  is a riveting adventure across the world,  expertly blending fact and fiction, 

I recommend this book to all action- thriller fans. This classic thriller would definitely give great entertainment  to readers ..
My score:  5/5

Disclaimer; I have received a free copy from the author and this is my honest and unbiased review.

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