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Review of TRUST ME NOT


No of pages : 384

Published by :Jaico Publshing house

Published on : October 15th 2017

Genre : YA Fiction Roamance Political crime Thriller

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My take

Any contemporary political crime thriller is capable of attracting both youngsters and elders as politics is a great subject for them. If it blends with romance and social awareness theme it is a triple bonanza.

 Gifted writer   Ankita Verma Datta has woven an intellectual, intriguing and suspenseful,  page-turner TRUST ME NOT.

It tells the story of romance, revenge, and retribution.This is such a wonderful book I felt a kinship with it from the beginning.  After I started to read I decided to complete it at one go.This powerful political drama tells about how the rotten social system toys with the powerless and poor people.
Making them sacrificial lambs in the hands of greedy rich people would definitely make an indelible impact on you.

The plot

The book carries 18 chapters and ends with an Epilogue and what happens after 3 years

Set in contemporary time with the backdrop of cosmopolitan city Mumbai the story begins with Mr. Sehgal, Chairman of Creative Adzone a media company appoints his assistant  Reeva Rai as Assistant Vice president of MVPR, a new extension of Public Relations wing. Nihaal Kapoor works with her as the creative director.

She lives in Mumbai along with her parents and his brother Apoorva. Her friend is Kinsy.

In MVPR her boss is Kunnal Kabi, 33 year old rich highly qualified professional   featured on the front page of CEO Vision.

Shalini Ray from Kolkata joins Creative Adzone to handle the PR projects. Jaiwal and Thapur construction groups form an alliance J&T Infra Developers Ltd.It becomes a client to MVPR.

In the meantime, this concern takes charge of  JBP’s campaign at the request of the Rishi  Uttur a former Union  Home  Minister. Their rival is NPP.

The election date is announced and the game starts. It leads to myriad knots and when they are unfurled the revelations have  surprised  me.

You would also experience the same sort of thrill when you read the book.
The pro 

Both the title and cover go with the theme of the book.The book deals on the dilemma the present youngsters face when they have to distinguish between friendship and love, the nexus between the corporate barons and politicians and the recklessness indulged by the media in giving sensational news for enhancing the viewership and TRP rating.

The language is fresh and appealing. The fast-paced novel doesn’t leave you until the end.  The plot is  conceptualized with perfect coherence and executed in a grand way.The concise blurb gives a hint about the powerful thunderstorm

My favorite

I admire  Nandita  Sahay the social activist for all her love and affection shown towards residents of Navdeep complex.

Nandita had a desire to work for good causes without feeling like a martyr or wallowing in self-pity There was no larger-than-life, self-righteous drama about her.

 I hate Jaiswal partner of J&T firm for his nefarious aactivities .I appreciate Reeva for her dedication to her job. Ajay Sehgal calls her an asset to the company.

Charming and charismatic Kunnal is adventurous ..

I like Uttur as he is an honest and pensive politician thinking about the welfare of the people.

Arunabh Roy an overambitious journalist devoured by success and power gives a very good message to his fellow workers in the media at the end.

Philosophical words  which have caught my attention 

You can run everything except yourself

Life choices can’t be based on compromises.

Once you become a cog in the wheel, you have to roll wth it.

Other characters Sathya Raj Mane   acting CM, Dr.Harsh Wardhan    Manek Vir  ex military person  have contributed equally  to the main plot

What I feel

For this amazing social drama, the cover looks simple and not so eye-catching. Paper quality and printing are nice and there are a few negligible  spelling mistakes.

My verdict

The beauty of the book is that with a piercing unforgettable loveliness and a nuanced understanding it depicts the real world and its tangled society.

Ankita  has penned a riveting warm wise whodunit about love loss and trust and finding strength and courage amidst of crookedness, greediness, and insecurities.

If you enjoy the political thriller blended with romance this is the book for you. This book shapes and alters your views on social issues and makes you give a second thought to what you see and hear.

I strongly recommend this novel to all fans for contemporary poloitical romance thrillers.

My score: 5/5


I have received a free copy of this book from Writeresmelon  in exchange of my honest and unbiased view

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