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No of pages : 190

Published by White falcon publishig

Published on January 1st  2018

Genre Fiction Fairy tale. Adventrue

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My take

I  come across once in a blue moon fairy tale wherein animals behave like humans .  LET'S KIDNAP THE PRESIDENT by LALIT BHATT  falls under this category .The protagonists, four monkeys form a group to learn language and other subjects to act as humans. After reading this I become sympathetic to them. The first half relates to the struggles and challenges they meet to equip themselves with the knowledge to carry our  their desires and dreams. Their ordeals, joys and happy moments would touch our heart.

This fairy tale with satirical dosage would attract all especially children. The monkeys after frustrated by the not so fair treatment from their boss go to a village . There they come to  fathom they can also act like humans and start to study the language etc .

Then they plan to kidnap the US President and their efforts are discussed elaborately. Most of the time they meet funny situations and sometimes awkward and sad occasions.

The book gives entertainment to both young and old. This is really a story coated with philosophical ideas and notions. The author Lalit Bhatt has done an exceptional job in crafting a wonderful social drama with action and adventure. The book would definitely engage you with  suspense and humor.

This book carries the following wisdom words .
The jungle  rule is based on a simple premise which is to use the natural resources to satisfy the necessary biological needs of an individual.

Risk and reward are two sides of a coin

The more pure and positive our thoughts is the more positive energy it generates.

In the second half we can predict the strory and there is lack of drama and conflicts.
This scathingly hilarious philosophical thriller   answers the inevitable question. If  monkeys start to talk and plan like humans to what extent they would go?
This book is entertaining and emotional read. It is amazing and remarkably  good in execution.

My score  4/5

Disclaimer: I have receeived a free copy of this book from the author in exchage of my honest and unbiased review.

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