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பட முடிவு

No of pages 287

Published by Notion

Published on May 9th 2017

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Genre:   SCI_FI Adventure and action

My take

EARTH TO CENTAURI THE FIRST JOURNEY by Kumar L is a great treat for Science fiction and fantasy fans. Written with passion and imagination this book targets the readers interested in science technology, adventures, and mysteries. I am a fan of  movies like Star Wars for its action scenes it is no doubt I love this book also.

The story runs during the period 2095 to 2117 at the backdrop of sky. Anara a young and energetic lady aged 25 years, takes the captionship of spaceship Antariksh along with  54 crew members including Commander Ryan.This ship was built at the Vikram Sarabhai Space center in South India, with all the facilities to withstand all the problems it may face during the journey. The spaceship proceeds towards Promia B a planet suitable for living.

In the meantime, they face radiation and power problems. They get an SOS call from an unknown vehicle. The rudimentary plan of the journey is to find out about the possibility of human lives   on other planet.

Whether they achieve the same and the ordeals and challenges they meet during the course of it form the rest of tale.

The language is simple and direct. At the beginning the pace is steady and at the end it is fast. The characters are efficient ,highly qualified and trained professionals. I  like AI ie. Artificial Intelligence named after the legend Narada .

It has got vast knowledge and its ethics programme not to endanger human lives is astounding .There is suspense at regular intervals to make it a page-turner. The tale is told in various  periods and it occurs in different locations.

Writing style is good and it can be improved .Also charterers are stereotypic lacking in emotions. Dialogues are informal. 

Both concept and execution are nice. The title and the cover design are amazing. Since there would be more books in this series from Kumar  I await his next book.

I recommend this book to all Sci-fi  fans.  

My score: 4/5

Disclaimer: I have received a free  copy from the author and it is my unbiased and honest review .


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