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No of pages : 296

Published by : Harper Collins India

Published on  : Decemmber 20 th2017

Genre : Fiction  Crime thriller Contemporary

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My take

Detective, crime and suspense novels guarantee goosebumps and at times they would shoot up our adrenaline.When they tell the tales related to 
the present digital era   with the backdrop of tinsel realm of Bollywood it adds entertainment . There would be a lot of thoughts start to flow in to your minds as to the magnificence of evil  motive, suspects, and way of execution and investigation.

Tanushree Podder's A CLOSETFUL OF SKELTONS  is an enjoyable and pensive superbly phrased book.

For those who want to sit on a summer evening, the book you choose to read should  be a page turner, it should engage you to go on till the midnight with a cup of hot coffee  and this book falls under this category.

The plot

The silhouette of a man loomed in the shadows. With this tagline, the story begins. Subroto Sen,a  famous director for a run of the mill kind of movies in the Bollywood receives a call from Ramola. She is a big star acting in C-grade films  who has become a great actress ruled the Bollywood for more than a decade after his giving her a big role in his movie.

She invites him to her birthday party held at Ramsar near  Almora where she has settled at present. Similarly, she invites Sameer Kelkar aka Sammy a politician aspiring for Chief Minister's chair, Vikram Ahuja yesteryear's superstar, Arif khan a don, owning bars, casinos, and restaurants and Rohan Sharma her ex-husband.

Except Rohan others are having the tight schedule and holding high responsibility tell their inability to attend the party. Ramola says she is going to give a new announcement. This makes them all the anxiety and they try to avoid attending the party .Since the storyline is the strength of the novel further disclosure would serve as a spoiler. As such I stop here.

The pro

You have to enter into a hill station Ramsar to read the thriller that  unfolds through the eyes of many a character. Each one carries its own purpose .They play pivotal roles and the authoress had to add all the elements of humour, sentiments and the thrill and chill.While reading the story you can picture the happenings and it would be etched in your minds since it is penned in a subtle manner.

The title and cover design are amazing. The succinct  blurb would instill an interest in you to read the book.This fast-paced thriller has got so much suspense, twists and turns to engage you through the story. The language is amazing and the narrative prose is impressive.

The storyteller in the authoress Tanushree Podder leads it to be a page turner. Creation of Charectors  is superb.   The language is so smooth you can visualize the events and situations as though all happen in front of  your eyes.

The descriptive prose highlighting the beauty of Ramsar the picturesque of sceneries, the greenery , the cold climate and  the good nature of people allures us.There is a plethora of characters which include Durgabai, Dinesh, and Ganesh employees, DSP Jung Bahadur Singh aka JBS, Tia assistant of Ramola .The story flows with all the funny situations to evoke laughter as well as horrible occasions to shock you.

My favourite

Ramola  the protagonist,  beautiful and intelligent actress is   ambitious   ruthless,  shrewd impetuous vile and vindictive and she carries the whole tale with ease and wisdom. 
The shrewd  and intelligent retired army officer, Colonel Arjun.H. Acharya is also my favorite as he is the person with a keen intuition of Sherlock homes who unravels all the dark secrets and unfurls the mystery . His bonding with Tim Thapa the Sub inspector is beguiling. Motive, Means and opportunity (MMO) technique used by him is elaborately discussed.

Human behaviour was a complex thing it often gave away innermost feelings and motives of a person.

Tia Apte young and charming   tourist befriends Ramola and helps her for pulishing her memoir. She plays a pivotal role in moving this story.

What I feel

While the story goes on seamless at times it seems stretched to build up to curiosity. There is a scope for improvement in the editing aspect. It needs a fresh editing due to grammatical errors.

 My verdict

It is no wonder Tanushree storytelling style has  enchanted me from the beginning to the end.She has masterfully spun a story about the personal struggles hardships and joys and happiness of the actress .It is a heart-wrenching story and there is  a strong plot strengthened by the interesting subplots.

It is an emotionally intuitive and impeccably written tale focusing on the story of deception and evil.

I like this wonderful   book for all the thrill and chillness it can create in us a great entertainment. The cover design by Natasha Chandhok is fantabulous.I  strongly recommend this book to all fans of crime thrillers. 

My score  4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the free copy of this book from Writersmelon  in exchange of my honest and unbiased reveiw.

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