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No of pages:   252

Published by : Westland publishers

Published on   March 23rd 2018

Genre; Fiction Historical political  Crime Thriller

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My take 

I thank Writersmelon for having sent the free copy of this amazing book for my review..
Historical thrillers are so fantastic in the sense they are true at heart and  successful in portraying what was real ,  what would have happened as the period set in , and  back drop are kept intact. They would be emotional  leaving you strong and your mind happy at the end.

I am glad to read them as they give lessons and feel enlightened about the ancient wisdom.

By interspersing the events that took place during the Maurya era the author Ravi Shankar Etteth tells the stunning  story of The Brahmin  and how his wit and wisdom  safeguard the King Ashoka from his  foes.

The plot

During 267 BC in Pataliputra the capital of the Mauryan kingdom King Ashoka gives a command to The Brahmin to find out a murderer and an assassin namely Blood Flower within  one week. One of his concubines is murdered and the Brahmin’s spy has discovered the corpse in a cremation ground.
The Chief Eunuch ,the guardian of the harem is questioned by the king and he is put in jail as he is not able to give a valid answer. Lord Suma ,Kalinga’s envoy to Magadha invites The Brahmin to visit Kalinga.Prime minister Radhagupta hates The Brahmin as the king has got a soft corner for him.

In the meantime the sudden death of the Chief Eunuch shocks the king as he is killed  by someone. The Brahmin leaves for Kalinga along with his spy HaoTran . On the way they stop at an inn and there they meet Mur a stranger who is stopping there on their way to Ujjain.
From there they go to Asandhimitra and meet the Queen. There they come across another shocking news. The Viceroy Devavarman is murdered .The Brahmin is left with only 3 more days to find out the assissin Blood Flower.

The Brahmin has to solve the mystery of murders and also the motive behind the murders. So many questions arise and the book gives answers to all these questions.       

The pro

There are many stories within this period  tale relating to great personalities in the Maurya Era like King Ashoka , Chanakya and Alexander. There is also the mention  of the Lankan King Ravana as it is very much relevant to the main plot. The writing is really great and it fits the mood and tone of the book without pretentiousness .The pace is even and when the end nears it is  fast. Both the concept and execution are good.

The story flows well with all the twists and turns being the page turner you would be hooked to it as you begin to read the social drama full of terror  and suspense.

My favorite.

I like the protagonist the Brahmin
People say he can hear and see everything and it is useless to hide from him. He can be everywhere ,or wherever he wants to be , whenever.

Character : I  admire Antochlius for alll his valour and shrewdness and Hao due to her dedication to her job as a spy.

I like the episode where the Brahmin saves Ashoka from the clutches of death with the help of monks in the Tamralipti monastery.

The following dialogue between the monk and the Brahmin touches my heart
“My master owns nothing , except what we give him” said the monk.
“What do you give him?”
“Our souls”

What I feel.

A map may be a fitting guide .Both the blurb and title are nice.The cover design is not so appealing. The book requires some more editing. 

My verdict
Overall this book is wonderful.I loved the various themes dealt with subtleness  .Ravi has penned a literary gem with attention to minute details and indelible characters.

Readers would like the thrill with all the entertainment.
I recommend this book to all historical fiction fans.

My score 4/5

Dsclaimer: I have received a free copy of the book from Writersmelon in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

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