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Review of Breaking the Shield

No of pages   470


Published on   August 28 2017

Genre    Non fiction  Psychology Science  Economics Business  

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My review

The BREAKING THE SHIELD IntroductiontoInspirationEngineering,Philosophy,Practices,and success stories  is a wonderful book that talks highly about the same to the knowledge and benefit of all especially students studying social science and psychology.

The blurb asks us to  discover how people organizations and societies can tap hidden powers , bolster their influence and reach new levels of achievements by laying the foundation for an inspiration economy.

The book starts with a preface Toward a better socio economy.There are twelve chapters each having subdivisions and suitably captioned.There are case studies and questions to provoke your thoughts.

There are charts and diagrams to make the grasp the meaning easily.The blurb gives meaning to the title.

This book breaks the shield in many hidden spots and help to explore new unseen opportunities through case studies.

My favorite chapter is "How Inspiration Work?"

To become a great non-fiction author you need a mind-boggling subject, you have to do exhaustive research and you need such jargons in your book .

The authors Mohamed Buheji and Dunya Ahmed great scholars  have crafted this masterpiece with all the research and it reflects in each and every sentence.They have approached the subject at Individual, organizational and social levels.
Important topics like inspiration lab, mindset, problem solving ,entrepreneurial spirit etc. 

The book is interesting , well written and is indeed very insightful. It will change many of our pre-established notions about inspiration . It has a great academic value, not only for students of social science, economics and business  but also for anybody who has a similar interest in general. I enjoyed it and I hope you would too. .

There are  chapters  Final Rap up List of Key words, abbreviation and Glossary and Bibliography very much informative and useful .

An expertly presented ,application based concepts on inspiration Engineering  this book is meant for all who have got interest in the subject as well as others who want to study about it.

It is a  combination of Economics Science and psychology. 
A valuable ,smart   timely intensively  intimate book  An eminently readable and highly authentic targeting  class readers . 

I recommend this book to all .

My score  5/5 

Disclaimer I am a Goodreads Giveaway winner of this book and it is my honest and unbiased review.

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