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Review of And so can you !

Book review: And So Can You by Dr Roopleen, stories of 17 successful doctors

No of pages: 262

Published by: Power pulishers

Published on:  February 2018

Genre: Non fiction Self help

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My take

A chronicle of stories of successful  doctors in an engaging  and entertaining resource for doctors and medical students.

A motivational counselor ,speaker and super-specialist eye surgeon Dr.Roopleen writes the inspiring stories of  17  successful Indian doctors in her book  " And SO can You A BOOK EVERY DOCTOR AND MEDICAL STUDENT MUST READ" .  It benefits  the doctors and medical students to get themselves motivated and committed to achieve their dreams.  The  messages  driven  through this book would pave a way  to the realistic and pragmatic approach to become a great successful  doctor ..

The authoress says how they have become so great  against all the odds and by following their steps how you can assure yourself a  fulfilling and rewarding professional  life.

The plan

With a   beautiful forward from DR Shirish Daftary MD  followed by a preface and an informative introduction  the book has got 17 chapters each one carrying  the story of a doctor with a suitable caption like TENACITY , RESILENCE and NEVER SAY DIE. 

Each chapter  the story starts   as an infant   and moves to school and college days till reaching a highest level in the ladder of his/her career.. The authoress has narrated the struggles , setbacks, surprises  and successes met by the doctor in his/her  journey.
She has asked them the following  questions and the answers are included in the book
Was medicine  is his calling?
What is the definition of success?
Does he ever regret being a doctor?

The Pro

The  title and subtitles are eye catching.The  cover design in the reddish background with a stethoscope  for the letter Y is astounding .
The blurb highlights the significance of 17 inspirational success  stories.

All the 17 doctors have got a great story to tell and I like all of them. Every one has got opportunities as well as threats . All have become world famous by sheer hard work and they stand as models to the present generation belong to medical world.It is heartwarming  to note the support of their parents and heartening to learn about how they become victims of departmental politics and foul play.  

I like the seamless and captivating language of Dr. Roopleen. Exploring and explaining the unexpected and inevitable situations of failure and disappointment  and accolades and laurels   doctors come across   at various junctures she has made the reading a benign experience. 

The nuggets of wisdom in the form of advice and takeaway at the end  of the chapter would help all young and aspiring doctors at the times of turbulence and jubilance.

My favorite

I find the following quotes of the doctors which  sound inspiring. 

Each day is a new opportunity to excel  

Keep challenging yourself  

You are lucky to be in a profession , where you are emotionally rewarded each time you treat a patient well.    

Best advice : Knowledge is for sharing Pass it forward. 

Takeaway : Be grounded and remain humble. Let your work do the talking. 

What I feel

This book relates to  the doctors and medical students .But any lay man can fathom the messages the authoress wants to convey through this book.Such a direct and simple manner she has handled the subject. The medical terms used when  the doctors want to pursue Super speciality courses require small explanation in the footnotes for the understanding  by others.    

My verdict 

I find the book  awesome and  engaging one. Dr  Roopleen has penned a highly motivating book.I eagerly await her next book.

I wish the readers , doctors and medical students would like it for all the  inspiring stories of contemporary doctors and get invigorated  to dream big and achieve a lot.

This book is capable of making a change of mind set and leave a great impact to alter your life  to the brightest path.   

Don't wait and grab the copy immediatley.

My score 5/5

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