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No of pages: 384

Published  by : PIRATES

Published on : May 4th 20117

Genre : YA Fiction Thriller Psycho

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A thriller always seizes your attention and hooks you so as to make you read it at one go . It can be insidious or horrible. When it happens to be a story of serial killer the thrill and chill would be doubled.It is a story that involves murder and the thriller gives us all the goosebumps on reading it.The language is good, fast paced and engaging throughout the tale.

The succinct blurb ends with the following fact which indicates the ferocity of the tale 

They soon learn that the devils inside them are no les than the devil outside.

Sumit Pramanik's THE GIRL BEHIND THE GLASS' story goes as follows;

Newly married couple, Neeabh and Shakshi come to the Hotel Infinity on their honey moon trip. Rajender  Saini is the Owner-cum-manager-cum -host  and Firoz is his assistant,. Swami the cook-cum-fisherman -cum boatman.Inspector Hiten Kumar visits the hotel to investigate about the  case revolving around an accident and missing of the body involved in the same.He questions all the inmates in the hotel including Mr Chand,  Mrs Anthony Mr.Patnaik and the new couple. Hiten Kumar intensifies his  probe to find   out how the victim of the accident is missing.

In the mean time there is a special team formed to find out the reason for a sudden abduction of females between eighteen and twenty-seven. There is definitely a serial killer on the prowl and the hunt begins. Who is the culprit  and what is his motive and modus operandi? Such questions arise and the book has got the answers .The story happens in the backdrop of   Chennai during the day 1th June 2015. There are twenty one chapters began with a prologue ending with the Epilogue .

I feel Sumit has tried to tell so many stories in this long novel . The characters are realistic and all have their own stories. Some are victims of circumstances and vices.

How the criminal minds plan to acheive their ends, albeit it cost others lives is described nicely.

 Readers would become familiar with many a new word once the book is read fully. 

The climax is unexpected and unpredictable There is a cusp   knot at the end, which would shock the readers.

This psychological drama has given me the feeling of also seeing a horror movie.

The dialogues are good and mention should be made about the long narrative prose which would serve as a page turner I have taken so much time to read this cliffhanger .As I use to read thrillers at a stretch I am hooked to the unfortunate and unexpected events I give a break and read it fully.

The cover and title fit the genre to which it belongs.The book has got great messages. Everyone  is wearing a  social mask and what goes in thier minds they alone know  it.We should not take for granted when we deal with strangers.

I recommend this book to all fans of thriller . Pamper yourself with a treat of horror, suspense and mystery .

My score  3/5

Disclaimer I am a Goodreads giveaway winner of this book  and this is my honest and unbiased review.

Author Sumit Pramanik
Sumit Pramanik

Taken from Goodreads

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