Tuesday, 10 April 2018

PTE is the best


My English professor uses to tell freshers  the following story .
Once he went to London on tour along with his family members. In one afternoon they assembled in the thoroughfare to witness a major event wherein people with variety of masks go in a procession. Suddenly he noticed a small boy who was lifted by his father on his shoulder was talking in English. Noticing this our professor shouted at his family members how sweetly and fluently the child was talking  in English.
Others brought him to his senses as it is very easy to talk in mother tongue.

After telling this story he says to his students everyone should try to talk in English like the boy in London.

English language is complicated, just due to lack of understanding of  grammar fully. I studied English as second language first one being my mother tongue Tamizh. Still my graduation I had not got any clue about spoken English.Poems we used to memorize and prose also we mugged up.

Once as a my first job I went to Bangalore and had to work in a marketing company . There I had to interact with colleagues and customers only in English. That is where I have learned to speak English.  

Then I was fortunate enough to work with people who want to help me speak good English.There were Anglo Indian youths who talked  with me in English only. They corrected me many times and I felt confident in the course of time.

I made grammar mistakes and they taught me a lot so that I improved myself to a great extent .

I used to say  ,”I have hid it” instead of “I have hidden it “ Like this there were other minor mistakes which I began to correct myself.

A second important aspect is pronunciation. Our lexical base would be strengthened without knowing the pronunciation. This is a bad situation as when we talk if we don't pronounce words in the way they are to be pronounced we would make fun of ourselves and we would be ridiculed.  

Any one who wants to pursue foriegn studies has to master English and it requires a lot of pracrice and efforts on the part of the aspirants. This is where PTE comes in to the picture. With lot of research and studies the programme is prepared to suit the students as well as their purses. 

This PTE test would not only help you to overcome your fears about English language but also make you confident to face the challenges when you go abraod. With the meticulous care  the test is prepared to assist the students in tackling the language in a grand manner and students would definitley benefit out of this test. 

With lot of model questions and test materials the academy  gives you all the hope to get through your anxiety about the language. With the hardwork put in  by the faculty members the test is prepared to  guide you in passing the test with flying colors . The academy is giving assitance to all the aspirants in a nice way . 

PTE English language test  paves a way for your success in the abroad.

To master English so that those students who want to pursue foreign studies have to take gudiance from a well establsihed academy the name first comes would be PTE academic . 

There are more than 150 centres, you can choose from them if you are serious about going abroad. There are more than 6000 universities which accept PTE scores, so you need not be disappointed if your score is rejected by one university.

Challenges faced in foreign country

Culture barrrier

English fluency

lack of knowledge of local laws.

Difficult in adjsusting to the differnt social atmosphere

Communication gap

These obstacles discourage you and if you tackle them prdently you can achieve a lot.  

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