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Save water; save the globe

Water scarcity has become the order of the day ;If left unattended this problem would become a great threat to our survival.We see girls and ladies walk a long distance to fetch some pots of water which is available in  small quantity.This happens in rural and remote areas where there is no proper water management  mechanism.If you take cities the scenery is entirely different . Here people buy water and commercial establishment and restaurants depend external sources for the same. The major junk of their expenditure goes to water . In a day every one needs for his personal purpose a certain quantity of water and where there is scarcity to manage the same we have to take  necessary precautions . 

 Significant  steps in water saving

Understanding the necessity of water paves way for solving this problem. Every day in the morning we have to take one tumbler water after getting up from the bed and brush our teeth. This would remove the toxic elements accumulated in our body. Similarly we have to take eight tumblers of water during a day to keep good health. During the summer we have to consume more water to avoid dehydration. To avoid water prone diseases we have to drink pure water.

Prevention is better than cure.

Before going deep in to the problem of water scarcity we have to take so many corrective and precautionary measures . First of all we should understand that we are wasting water in so many ways. To cite a simple example in the olden  days we use utensil to wash our face and body. But today wherever we see there are taps and we open them from which water pours in large quantity.

 This should be discouraged and we have to switch over to old methods.

Recycling of waste water.

We have to look out methods to utilize the waster water so that water is saved a large extent. Special water treatment plants are to be installed to purify the water . Waste water that goes to garden is not advisable as the presence of chemicals  spoils the plants.

Rain water harvesting should be taught at school level to make an awareness among  the children.Nowadays the  ponds which we use to have in our towns and cities are closed and the number of such ponds has drastically reduced . This is a bad sign. When there is rain  the water is going to the sea . To avoid this at least the existing ponds should be deepened and cleaned . Further closure of ponds should be avoided.

Minimize water usage and maximize water saving 
Water is an essential element not only for us but also animals and plantations. In the larger interest of the society   w have to plan for connecting the rivers. The monsoon may fail sometime. At times there would be flood . But if there is no proper water management programming we have to face the water scarcity which may hamper our progress and it may pose a great threat to our existence.   

 I signed the petition to save water, and I encourage you to do the same.

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