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No of pages :  160

Published by : Harpercollins Publishers India

Published on : 2018

Genre : Non Fiction selfhelp Parenting Tips

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My review 

Rudimentarily geared toward dads ONE MINUTE SUPER DAD   is an excellent handbook for every father who wants to ensure a heavenly  future to his progeny.
This wonderful  volume by Dr Prashant  Jindal, Foreword by Raymond Aaron   imparts crucial and  critical lessons  to shape and improve the quality of the children’s life . Drawing  from his  own experiences, research, and studies along with the sayings of many a motivational teachers   and coaches like Tony Robbins.

99 Magic moments  are put  into logical sections concerning broad areas: Necessities , life  principles, and practical tips.  . Each moment deals with the advices as well as suggestions. Occasionally, the author has supplemented   the Magic   with pictures with amazing texts to highlight  and reinforce them.

The magic  themselves are  adorable and actionable. For example, Magic 55  coaxes the father to create a collection of photos of his family and children that they can all enjoy seeing together now and then.

There are 11 chapters each one captioned .  The first one – Why is a Super Dad is so Crucial Today?

My favorite is Music: Nutrient of Mind and Body.

The following nuggets of wisdom from the book have touched my heart.

A high self-worth is the ultimate gift that parents can give to their child, which in turn would prove mutually rewarding.

Parenting is a skill that can be acquired, honed and nurtured , one that needs some self discipline too, as there is a tender mind observing it all.

Hug your child every day and say ,’You are my most precious thing in the world”. After all , a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away.

The title , subtitle  are fantabulous.  The bold letters, seamless language , fantastic narrative prose and the references from well acclaimed authors and speakers make the reading an effortless and engaging one.

The cover design by Rashmi Gupta is brilliant. 

I recommend this book to all dads , and moms to understand the role of the fathers. On special occasions this book should  be given as  a gift. It would change dads totally .

As the proceeds of the sale of the book is going to charitable cause your single investment in the book would give you double benefits.

Albeit  two hours are  sufficient for reading the book I suggest this book should take a place in your shelf to be taken frequently to reread it and savor the pearls of wisdom .

My score 4/5

Disclaimer: I have reeived the copy of the book free from Writersmelon and  this is my honest and unbiased review.  

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