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Review of Khoobsurat Unlimited


No of pages :  179

Published by :  Power Publishers

Published on  : 2017

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Genre: YA Fiction Contemperroy Corporate Thriller

My review 

A taut and twisting novella  KHOOBSURAT  UNLIMITED , MONEY MISTAKES MEN is revolving around   survival amidst of cut throat competitions ,ambition , bond within the family , breakup  pain, lust  and sex in the back drop of corporate realm. It pivots on happenings in the life of the highly placed professionals called as  super women   in their  personal and professional relationships in a ludicrous and echt  light .Both the title and subtitle are beguiling .

I couldn't put this book down and now that I have finished it, I am thinking I will read it again and recommend to my friends. So much of this book resonated with me.  I like the way the social drama unfurls.

The book tells the story of highly qualified and well experienced executives  associated with Khoobssurat Unlimted Pvt ltd ,a big established corporate cosmetic  company situated at Noida near New Delhi. Shilpa Arora  ,41 year old  CEO and her husband  Rakesh CFO are living with her daughter Anu. Varsha is the sales manager and she is married to Gauravdeep.

Since Nitin Bharadwa Ex Marketing Director has resigned and joined  Surya Cosmetics their rival  group , Shilpa wants to appoint Karen half -Indian and half -American who has got the best  record to join the company as they are going  to launch new products and list their company in the Stock market.

Matt an American is the Research and Marketing Manager.

After joining the company Karen is given a period of eleven months to prove herself so that her term would be extended .

Has she achieved the target?

What are the hurdles and bad experiences she encountered  during this journey?

Whether they could launch the products as promised to the shareholders?

As the tale progresses so many questions arise and you have to read the book for the answers.

I like the following  wisdom on life in the book.

When we were growing up , we have expectations from life. as we grow older , life has expectations from us.

I admire the steps Shilpa takes to protect her daughter Anu, by getting an electronic gadget from Japan which helps her to monitor her movements.

Karen's courage to take up a challenging role in India astounds me. I am sympathetic about Shila as she goes through a trajectory of defeat .I hate Gaurabdeep for his rapacity as he wants to make money by hook or crook.

The climax is a fitting  one unexpected and surprising. 

The Authoress has penned the story to keep the suspense till the end and this would give goose bumps to readers.

It is  a nicely crafted  story that blends romance, conflict, betrayal , greediness and societal values without overwhelming the reader with any of these angles.

The writer’s style is strong and concise .

Cover design by Swarnava Bera is superb.

Dialogue and feelings are well-thought out  and I could easily picture the  occurrences.

The font is medium and the book lengthy without enough  space in between. Otherwise the number of  pages would go up to 280.

Everyone would like the language with the gripping narrative and the pace is stable .The plot is conceptualized well and executed in a meticulous careful manner.

The target readers are urban matured youth  and old who can relate the story easily as they hear lots about corporate life and also  the book deals with sexual exploitation, infidelity, extramarital affair,  gayness , breakup and divorce .

This tale instigates an interest in you from the beginning and  reading this pleasant, heartfelt book  will leave you uplifted at the end! It is well-worth the read.
Fully developed characters take the readers to their world.

I recommend this book to all especially those who have got interest in fiction on corporate thriller.

Kudos to the Authoress Ansika Sony on  her debut novel for this immersive story that would 
 tug at every reader's heart.

Authoress can be contacted at https://www.anshika-sony.com/contact-us

Disclaimer  I  am a Goodreads giveaway winner of the book and this is my honest and unbiased review.

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