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Review of AGE OF AZMOQ


No of pages      481

Published by    Self

Publishd on January 14th 2018

Genre   Epic Fiction Acton Adventure Mythology

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My take

Rajamayyoor Sharma’s AGE OF AZMOQ,The Valantian Imperium  is a fascinating epic fiction of fantasy, magic and sorcery.It is  full of mind boggling actions and adventures that can engage us with all the entertainment of mythology and politics.

When enter into the awe-inspiring realms of people with godly powers, super life-threatening weapons living in the ancient era through this epic fiction, I am flabbergasted by the beautiful  tale of fun  and wonder. The magnificent happenings with all the war related strategies  and unbelievable events hold me to expect more when it ends.

The plot

As the concise blurb talks highly about Azmoq the rarest and most coveted metal on the planet, the book discusses and describes about the same in an elaborate way. The book starts with a Prologue and there are seven sections and 48 chapters ending with Epilogue and Appendix.

The protagonist Devrath, a youth  living in the village of Villasboro is working in a shop. From his POV the story is told  from the date he is asked by his master Forresgrim to  inquire about a stranger who is staying there for one and half year. There begins the quest which leads to myriad revelations of truths buried for a long time,also the unfurling of secrets so shocking and surprising and the resultant battles leaving many dead and some come out with a  victory.

The pro

The storyline is the page turner.Subplots are there to give all the twists and turns. Both title and subtitle are fitting ones for the epic history  genre.A cast of indelible and unforgettable characters perfectly placed  among the ferocious struggles and  challenges it delivers a world that leave readers desperate for more.

 This historical novel set  in   various periods,  including the sixteenth century  at  various locations that raises questions about science,  language and is an evocative and enthralling novel of the most tumultuous era in history talking about legends combinig social insights  , vivid historical atmosphere and melodrama .

Both concept and execution are impeccable.An interesting saga that should appeal to a cross section of fantasy fans. It is gruesome but not dreadful .It is philosophical but not preachy and intricate but not baffling.

Characters are realistic, There are some ruthless  guys but there are good people in the majority.The fantastic lyrical language catches my eyes.The map , pictures and appendix are really helpful in grasping the story.Also notes given about the  monetary system,horses and prisoner's dilemma are informative.

The cover art by Teodora Chinde and Tiffany Munro and the artwork by Tiffany Munro, Maksim Kuznetsov and Janri are enticing.

What I feel

The small font strains my eyes. Editing is to be groomed as grammar, spelling and typo errors have crept in.There are a plethora  of characters and I cannot remember all .

My favorite

Devrath is ignorant and Innocent and his actions make me laugh. His love for fellow beings astonish me.

 Flora’s dedication to her job as a phycian is amazing.Kazena’s shrewdness is superb.Both the episodes involving entrance to another.s mind , and utilization of coffins to get into the domain of The Valantian Imperium.

My verdict

I love everything about the book. A  non stop, unputtowanable thriller  by a stunning voice in epic fiction. For me, it is an evocative and enthralling novel of the most tumultuous  era in history

Fans  of fantasy can await many more from the author which  is a nice perk why he is awesome. This is   part 1 I eagerly await the next work.

Prepare yourself for an epic journey of awful delight  and unsurpassed wonder.Epic wielders would delight you.It is a classic masterpiece acceptable by all generations.

I recommend this book to all epic fans and others also will enjoy it equally.

My score   5/5

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Author  Rajamayyoor Sharma 

Taken from Goodreads

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