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Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by [Shibu, Kochery C]

No of pages : 285

Published by     NIYOGI BOOKS

Published on  September 19 2015

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Genre  Fiction Roamnce Adventure  Adult Crime thriller

My take

This is your typical Indian-author  285 -page adventure story throwing in a lot of tales with mature scenes and social drama  to give weightage to otherwise a basic plot.

This book has blown me away due to the action and adventures and I have not taken away the amazing and amusing experience of reading the wonderful fiction of love, freindship,pain   betrayal , and fun.

Even though the book speaks the efforts and endeavours taken by the people associated with the hydel project there are myriad experiences and events met by the MCs in an elaberote and grand manner.

The plot.

The title looks odd because I donnot know the place. The cover design suits the plot.

The strong blurb starts with the following phrase to mean what the book deals with


There are nearly 26 chapters with a name for captions. The first chapter is Nanda. Some chapters carry the caption like The  Tunne Life.
The book starts with Nanda, the main protagonist in whose POV the story is told an engineer from Kerala , is taking a bus from Delhi to Dhauladhar where there is a hydel project is going on. His story from his birth to till date is told .

Khusru , a youth in Kasmir is working as a labourer in the same dam campsite. Rekha a Kathak dancer and also  doctor comes  to the site along with him.

All the three protagonists have  got their own stories and the whole book covers their experiences both joyful and poignant.

I do not want to speak about the storyline as it is the strength of the book  I want to say the highlights of the same for the benefit of the readers.

The pro

There are myriad subplots which are wonderfully woven to make the reading a fantastic journey. The language is beutiful and the pace is indeed fast. There are a plethora of characters and all are highly intelligent and wise. 

The best part of the book is the way the story is told. It is in a ludicrous and scintillating way . We would get hooked to the narrative prose which is very excellent . There are copious happy and sad moments .
The impact of the book would remain with us for a long time. EspeaciEsp when we visit a dam we would think of the sufferings , challenges due to claimate  conditions etc , and the ordeals endured  with courage by the all involved in the project.

The happenings in the camp site form one  part of the story : but there are so many other aspects on various facets  are included in the same to engage and entertain the readers. 

Sexual encounters of the MCs are described in a nice way. 

My Favorite

I like all the MCs namely Nanda , Khusru and Rekha I admire Kuchi for all his sense of duty and his arrangement of cake in recognition of meeting the target. I also like the episode in which Khusru fights with the Pathan and asks the girl who was sexully assaulted by him to kill him. 

The following philosophical words have caught my attention

When you are so full of sorrow you can't walk can't cry anymore ,think about the green foliage that sparkles after the rain.

Yesterday is but today's memory , tomorrow is today's dream.

Just because a child has got a big plate does not mean that the mother will serve him more. 

My verdict

I love this book . Set against the backdrop of a campsite for the hydel power project the life and death situations people meet , the energy and enthusiasm shown by the professionals to achieve their dreams would enthrall us. 
Kochery C Shibu with his experience in the hydroelectric projects in the Cauvery river basin in Karnataka has crafted  the novel wel to fill the readers' senses, sights and smells of the campsite. Both the Kalari and Kathak dances have played pivotal roles in moving the story 

I recommend this book to all fiction lovers.  Everyone can have this book in his bookself . 

My verdict    5/5 

Dislaimer; I have received the free copy of this book from Writersmelon in exchange  of my honest and unbised review.

The Author

Kochery C. Shibu

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