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No of pages   285

Published by  Westland Publications Ltd

Published on   2017

Genre  YA Action Crime Thriller

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My take

When your child , the apple of your eye falls sick won’t you take all the steps for the   kid’s well being ?

Here in this novel  8 Hours we see  the heroine’s valor like a ferocious lioness  and the  shrewdness to safeguard the corporate concern which she adores like her “Baby” as it is going towards bankruptcy  . 
Once I began to finish four chapters I was so wrapped up by the storyline I had to go on reading it to finish as early as possible.  I was completely swept away by the thrill  and suspense.

Upendra Namburi  a Digital & marketing professional   is so fond of numbers and he has already written two novels namely 31 and 60. 
He has penned  powerful emotionally resonant social drama that confronts the secret about what happens behind the screen rather than what we see externally. A propulsive , incendiary novel about hope, failure , revenge,  friendship and pain ,A twisting tale of  secrets with an underlying creepiness. 

The plot

There are totally 80 chapters. Each one carries the time factor for a caption. The first one starts with 1.00 am.

Aratrika Reddy, the CEO of Arya Holdings ltd  the protagonist is the only daughter of Madhusudhan Reddy founder of the same

She has been working in the corporate concern for the past ten years and elevated to the position of managing director and vice president of the same by her sheer hard work .

The trouble starts with the recall notice from the bank sent by Sunder Das threatening  if the amount is not paid the bank would take  over the ruins of the Arya concern.
 The onus of saving the firm falls on the head of Aratrika . She seeks  the help of Peter Menezes  her childhood friend  presently working in the Piers largest equity firm run by Keith Connors in silicon valley  and Jaganath Reddy her father’s cousin .

 There are two bidders for taking over the sick unit ie Piers and Elixir.  Elixir was started by Harshavardhan Rathore and his son Rajyavardhan Rathore is introduced in the business.
Once Aratrika  begins  her mission to save the firm , the bitter secrets come into light; indigestible truths are unfurled. So many knots are unrolled. This form the rest of the story.

The book discusses domestic violence to woman empowerment.

The pro

Nice title. The image of hourglass on the cover with dark background indicate the stroy that runs for 8 hours.

There are many  charecters , they  are intelligent smart and shrewd  at the same time some are villainous.   The main  plot is rare one.   . The subplots are awesome.  . The strength  of the novel lies on the fast pace and once you start to read means you won’t leave it until you reach  the end. The climax is a fitting one The story moves through dialogue and past events are told in flash back .

The characters are so meaty , the dialogue so intriguing , and the happenings are so realistic.

There are suspense and spine-chilling events  to hook you.  The icing of the cake is that the story is told in conversations alone . The storyteller in the author reveals in keeping the tempo till the end.

The book discusses the following points thru the social drama

The nexus between prehensile heads of big corporate companies and corrupt politicians.

The methodology adopted to settle the scores

The magic of pulling the strings to achieve the desired  ends.

The blurb calls the protagonist a charismatic VIP  of Arya   but she is also blessed with photogenic memory which helps her a lot .  She is aggressive acting with prudence and sharp intelligence

The gory  tale deals with the fraudulent indulgence and gruesome crimes .Eerie intense and well crafted novel transports readers to the corporate realm with all its ugliness and true colour albeit it flaunts a rosy picture with the extravagance   show.

My verdict

The  thriller is an amazing read for crime fiction lovers. The language is so good, you would enjoy the twists and turns which accelerate your reading .Especially this book is meant for class audience and others also can enjoy the tale.

Readers would be drawn into this novel which explores the grey areas of cheating, vices and criminal activities

The author who is fond of numbers has given a  thriller with all the masala enough to be made  into  a script for a movie.

The Editing is good. The font is small and paper quality is medium. . The cover and design by Gloworm Creations and the cover photograph Konsantin Kirillow/ Alamy stock photo are  fantastic.       

A dazzling novel from the author of  weird and  inimitable riveting crime thriller . it evokes a spell binding concoction of crime , history , horror and adventure.

My score   5/5

Disclaimer I have received a free copy of the aboe book from Writers melon  in exchange of my honest and unbaised review. 

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