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No of pages   350

Published by  Notion

Published on 2017

Genre : Fiction. Romance , Love

My take 

At Crossroads  GREED FOR LOVE AND THE LOVE OF MONEY is  an emotionally searing novel  of unusual romance and the amassing of wealth. This book from an authoress whose gorgeous and wise prose will stay long after you have finished it.

My attention in the first page grabbed  does not let go until the last page. I usually try to finish the book at the earliest  time. But this book I have taken longer time as I  have relished every page and I have got immersed in the story.
The Plot
A richly layered tale of love, ambition, and betrayal set against the backdrop of St Georges an urban center near London, revolving around the affluent personalities and their dreams and debacles . During the period of 90's and earlier decade of 2o the century.
It starts when there was no  internet and smart phone but ends with time during  the advent  of the same.  It is a twisting tale of secrets with  underlying creepiness.
There are three volumes , 43 chapters.
 Each one starts  with  a notion related to the chapter.
This book tells the story of Lydia a young lady living at Glensfield.It starts with the interference of Frank living there in the love affair of Lydia with Victor. Frank writes a letter to Lydia  how their love cannot materialise as he is engaged with Amy. She leaves Glensfield and goes to  St .Georges . Frank who is interested in buying a cotton mill a sick unit at St Georges goes there. There  she meets Lydia after five years. His brother Oliver  lives along with wife Sara and daughter Samaira.   Lydia runs a garment manufacturing  unit L&L  and she wants to make big money for buying the Glass house which his father has lost due to debts.

Abel Frons shows crush for  Lydia and he wants to marry her. In the mean time she happens to get a big order from a Y&Y retail chain in London run by Timothy Banks  owner of  the same

From thereafter her story changes and so many happenings occur giving MCs both happiness and nightmares earning both friends and foes.

The Pro

 I love the character  development of Lydia and  Frank .  Their personal tragedies and aspirations are well imagined .
This social drama of suspense and thrill  explores  the complexities of relationship, marriage and the dangerous truths they overlook  in the name of love and money.

 Smita Maheswari  has created vivid fully developed characters and masterfully transports the reader to the era .The story flows in a coherent manner in the chronological order  ,
I like the title which fits it rightly in to the story. Also I like the subtitle Greed for love and love for money.  The story talks about the affluence people how they stoop to low level for making their love materialize and amass wealth.

I like the lyrical language , At times it is poetic, engaging  and the narrative descriptive prose keeps you hooked to the end. The pace is steady and even and there is no dragging element  to distract your reading. The concept is good and the authoress has taken all the efforts to give a neat execution.

Thanks e second part of the book deals mainly with international financial arena and there are so many terminologies and events related to stock market ,loss and gain. Those who are interested in these matters can relate them easily.

Volume three exclusively deals with the stock market during the period 2002 to 2008. On page 314  the Lehman’s sale the book gives an account.

My favorite

I like charectorisationof the quintessential protagonist  Lydia  blessed with beauty ,wit and wisdom.

 Who can restrain himself from being captivated by grace, nobility and refinement all personified in such a one as her.
I admire following words of wisdom from the book .

A brilliant mind is nature’s curse in an undisciplined heart.

The only law that binds the soul is love.

Love does not understand reason and intellect can not comprehend the workings of the heart.

I like the way Lydia respects the craftsmen from Crawford and  gives them a new life.
 Both the title and subtitle are eye catching 

 Cover and its design are superb. The. Blurb is a powerful one.
What I feel

Arya ,Frank’s wife is sidelined in the story .  She appears in the first page and another time  when she visits Sara ‘s house.  Also there is a  lack of emotional bond between them albeit they are living together for more than a decade.
My verdict
Perfect characters, an involved storyline and surprising  ending. This book you have to reread many a times.  A beautifully written book exquisite in its sense of place and understanding of the flaws in human nature. This a tale of how they become broken and get thru the process of healing.

Smita Maheswari , a gold medalist in English literature has woven a beautiful literary gem and added a crown to the literary realm.

She  has spun a story that perceptively exploits joy or anguish of MCs .Funny, insightful.... She has used her oodles of talent to remind readers that human beings are caught in the web of emotions and sentiments Startling tragic and ultimately redemptive.
There are many ideas to giver food for a lively discussion. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for a wide audience .  

Very good plot with suitable subplots would make your reading a fantastic journey. Both the covers the design are superb.

I recommend this literary gem to all fans of romantic Fiction and you will find the book entertaining and worth reading. All bibliophiles can add this book to their shelf .

My score : 5/5

Disclaimer:  I give my unbiased and honest review.

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