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Review of One Enduring Lesson


No of pages  : 280

Published by : Rupa publications India

Published on  2017

Genre. Fiction YA Adventure Action and Romance

My take 

Our life is full of stories and the lessons we learn out of them are plenty. The best advantage of reading novels  is that we can come across variety of stories which teach us myriad lessons and this book is no exemption. They help us  to  mould  ourselves and lead a happy life.

The plot

Rahul Saxea an NRI  from England aged 27,  son of  a Hindu father and a English Christian mother   leaves London , for pursuing a course in Film International for a film career  in Mumbai. Once he reaches Mumbai he comes upon David a private taxi driver and Irfan Dongriwalla   a tourist guide. Irfan introduces him to Mrs. Perizaad Pestonji shortly known as PP Auntie who gives him accommodation and food  as a paying guest in her house.

There starts his journey of life and he tries various odd jobs to earn his livelihood. At last he settles for a peculiar job as a male sex worker. In the meantime he meets Julie Singh in her mid –twenties and her husband Robin a young Sikh couple at Hills Road .All on a sudden two men come  and shoot at Robin . Rahul helps Julie to get her husband admitted in the Bandstand General Hospital.

The middle part of the novel covers the meetings of Rahul with his clients and they share their life history with  him. Here we come to know many a story and how affluent ladies are longing for just listen to their tales.The social drama takes so many twists and turns and ends with a fitting climax.

The pro

ONE ENDURING LESSON is a tale of the undying human spirit of survival against all odds.
So ends  the blurb of the novel on the back cover of the book.

Both the title and cover are superb. This is the story  of Rahul his personal experiences which include both painful ordeals, actions and adventures. It starts with a fast track   and slows down in the middle when he meets his clients .   The characters are realistic and we can easily relate to them. The strong  plot gets all the support from many subplots .

The story has got all the advantage to include many facets of life and the author has utilized it successfully. The narrator , I e the protagonist, Rahul  chronicles his story in his first person voice.

Both the concept and execution are excellent. 

My favorite

I admire the hero of the novel i. e Rahul. He is  wise, suave and intelligent. He handles every situation with maturity . He is reasonable and pragmatic.

Important gems   of wisdom.

Experience, however  is like a comb given to a man when he is bald.

Age gives us wisdom but the same age debilitates our faculties and prepares us for our death.

A life that is not lived passionately isn’t lived fully.

Chapter wise, I like the one captioned Ten Commandments.

I like the fresh and fantabulous language which is lyric and poetic making the book a literary read.

My verdict

Kudos to Jamal Merchant.The author has crafted a wonderful novel. We can’t say it is his debut novel.I have become his   fan due to  his writing style and story teller in him  . I await his next book.

Readers would definitely find the book entertaining . Due to the adult content this book is not meant for children.I recommend this book for all fiction lovers.You can give a try this blokbuster and enjoy the roller coaster read .

My score : 5/5 

Disclaimer : I have received the copy from the author in exchange of my honest and unbiased reveiw.

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