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Review of Fear is the key


No of pages  288

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Published on 2017

Genre:YA  Fiction Pyshcological Thriller Crime  Contemperory  Erotica 

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My take 

I thank writers melon for having sent me a free copy in exchange of my review.
Psychological thrillers continue to be famous selling like hot cakes due to the horrible   secrets, toxic relationship , and gruesome murders. They are capable of mesmerizing you with delicious twists , sudden turns and  assuring  action-packed thrill ride of adventure, intrigue and sinister suspense that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Fear is the key Death has never been closer    is a fresh, juicy, and utterly addictive thriller from the   author Juggi Bhasin , the creator of Agent Rana 
This is his  first book  for me  . I am   satisfied with the wholesome concept and beautiful execution .I have felt the feeling of  viewing  a horror movie.  I want to read his other books also.

Usually I read the book belongs to this genre at the week end . But I  choose week days to devour the thrill and chill as it is a length one- 280 pages .
This   novel of shock and terror   explores the complexities of  sick mind and the dangerous truths we come across   in this intricate society.
The Plot
The azure backdrop of cover holding an image of a knife suits with the genre  and  the title Fear is the key the title of the book written by Mr Alister MacLean .  The author   says in his note as follows:
Fear is the recurring motif of  our times.
There are 37 chapters and each one relates to a subplot. Rahul abhyankar, CEO of Yummimges a media start- up has hosted a party to his employees along with childhood buddy Suhul presently the chief operating officer .At that time Simone de’Costa Chief Content Officer ,  has gone  missing. She has vanished, traceless. The police are at a loss;    her colleagues  are grief stricken. . Their friend  is lost forever, perhaps dead, perhaps kidnapped. The biggest mystery leads to many revelations that would make you hooked to the story. When Inspector Kripal starts his investigation, Rahul also takes matters into his own hands and soon has a few suspects lined up as per the blurb .
Since the storyline is the strength of the book I don’t want to go deep as it may serve as a spoiler.
When you read this book, you will make many assumptions. You will doubt everyone to be the culprit. You will brood over    the ulterior motives, the complicated knots , the anatomy of the relationships.

 The Pro
The tale is very much contemporary taking into account   the sea change of lifestyle due to the advent of internet   and hence every one could  relate to the shocking  happenings  and   realistic characters. The plot is strong and it can give all the vibes to the readers. There are so many sub plots which entertain us a lot.   The icing of the cake is the hard reality of   dreadfulness among the city dwellers due to the mischiefs of unscrupulous and deviant persons .
This novel   carries  page-turning police procedural investigation,  compelling prose  that you would forget you’re reading fiction. The  fluent  writing that makes you want to annotate every sentence in the book. But deep at the core of  the book is the spine- chilling  thrill, guaranteeing goosebumps. Liberal dosage of erotic scenes would scintillate the senses of the readers.

My favorite

I like episodes involving  Fredo the pizza delivery boy, Usman the swimmimg instructor, and Dubey a Zuber taxi driver.
The following philosophical words  have caught my attention.
The soul can only soar if the body is alive and well.
Failure rides invisible on the wings of success.
 Trust in today’s day and age is a fancy desert served only on special occasions. 
I  like  the beehive story told by Tanya Sehgal  a qualified doctor with master’s degree in both psychology and psychiatry .
I feel her  role should have been more effective and effortful.

My verdict

This cliffhanger thriller is a roller-coaster read for me   .
Juggi Bhasin  the great author  has done a fantasticjob in weaving this whodunit  with the threads of splendid language with a fast pace , crisp prose and strong knot.
All adult fiction lovers would like this book and I recommend it  to  the youth  and elders.

My score:  4/5

Disclaimer : I have receiwed a free copy from Writersmelon in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.


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