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Genre: Memoir, Tribute Real life stroy 

My take

I sincerely thank the author Subhrajyoti  Parida a graduate  (BE) and  renowned poet , for having sent me  the book in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

My Mother A TRIBUTE OF YEARNING SON is a book crafted  by the author, a beloved son as a memorable and everlasting tribute to his Dear Mom with utmost dedication and determination.
The plan

The cover holds the picture of the author's MOM and the title gives a clear indication of the tribute as given below

To the pain I endure
To the loss I yearn
To the memories I cherish
To the person I love the MOST
My dearest Mom

With this, the book starts and there are testimonials  of some of the prominent reviewers .  Forward by Chitra Lele  and Swapna Behera  great  authors include the following sentences respectfully.

This family memoir of love and loss is both heartbreaking and valiant.

The cosmic journey of a soul in its own socio cultural background is well described.

Mother - etymology and across languages gives the terminologies for the word Mother.

The book goes to the day his Mom, a diabetic  got admitted in a hospital for a physical disorder. The diagnosis indicated she suffered from Common Bile Duct Cancer in   an advanced stage. In the meantime, his father's elder sister had collapsed and got admitted in the same hospital. Since her condition has worsened and all the support systems were removed and she died.

His  Mom's condition also deteriorated and expired  suddenly. He and his family members were in anguish.They  arranged for the last journey of his MOM  and  discharge of  their duty with elaborate rites and rituals. The later part of the book deals with the various pujas and other   formalities as per Hindu religion   so that the  departed soul reaches  the other world peacefully.

My perception

This emotional sojourn  undertaken by the author' has covered all the ordeals and sad experiences . Unable to  face the reality  ,the support to extend to his family members he maintained his composure. He has  poured out his heart to the rest of the world through this book.  The void created by the demise of his Mom  who loved her family with unconditional love  ,nobody can fill the same.

There is a mention about the Brahma Kumaris a global non profit organisation .His father has associated himself with the same which has bestowed upon him unparalleled spiritual knowledge.  .

 The author Subraghjyoti  Parida has woven a detailed anecdote involving the demise of his  Dear Mom giving maximum details and he has added some of his poems at the end in praise of his Mom and Mother land . 

The Author's literary flair reflects in his poems .To cite a few examples I give below the following stanzas which have touched my heart .

To all the mothers

She weeps secretly sometimes
for she is after all  a Mother - soft and delicate from inside
She too stays strong and tough
for her child has to learn lessons of life

True son & Daughter of the Mother.

for we are born to fight till we breathe our last
for we are born to last as long as we can fight.

Missing Motherland

Mother , dear Mother
how much i craved for you
for i longed for your love
and the sweet aroma your water and air
The drawings match with the narrative prose,.

Afterword by S. Nilakanta Siva Retired Nuclear scientist  asks the doctors  to convert the “I, cancer" to “I  can. Sir”

All can read this book and it would make an impact in you. It glorifies the love between a mother and son.

My score   5/5

Disclaimer; I have received the book from the author through Kalamos Literary Services and I have given my honest and unbiased review

The Author

Photo taken from Goodreads 

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