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Review of Psychopathic Love Story


No of pages    200

Published by Self Publishing

Published on 2017

Genre Fiction YA Romance Contemperory Psycho 

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My take

Psychopathic Love Story, the   debut novel by   Paul Roshan Silverius Engineering Graduate from Chennai tells the story of Rohan  25 years old ,working as a trainer at Tenventurous Knowledge Solutions (TKS) the protagonist. It starts with the letter addressed to Dia , one of  trainees belonging to his batch.

The plot

Rohan an ultra- modern youth belongs to Chennai , has volunteered   to go on transfer to Hyderabad and love blooms between him and Dia. Faizel, Philips , Neelini and Niresh are his buddies. While Dia is attracted to Rohan because of his jovial character Rohan loves her as she fits her well as his would –be- wife.

All along the story goes with fun and laughter and suddenly it goes sour. Ego interferes and MCs face an unpleasant   situation. What has transpired between them and how the love affair turns sour? What is the role   of their friends  ?  What is the turning point in his life? Read the book   for getting the answers.

The pro 

The author Roshan has woven a nice story based on the lifestyle of the present younger generation whose permanent companion is a Smartphone. They would be going on Texting in Whatsapp, updating on Facebook etc.  Also the narration is through the Whatsapp messages which serve as a novel idea in simple English.  The pace is steady .

The book talks about love, friendship, campus life, job, challenges and heart break .This book deals with the relationship of those youngsters working in BPO companies. The happenings in the company are portrayed   beautifully. The cover   and title are eye catching.

The usual love story with fun and ludicrous events. The plot is tenuous. The language is colloquial .Narrative prose consists of Whatsapp messages and there are so many grammatical   ,typo  editorial mistakes which hamper the reading .

My verdict 

Roshan the author has woven a love story which would definitely entertain the youth belonging to the present generation. Since he is working in a BPO company he could create a credible   setting and characters .Social media platforms Whatsapp and Facebook are helping the story to move on in a sensible manner. Even the “Chits” the internal message system   in office has a role in shaping the tale. He has depicted the emotional turbulence of the MCs nicely. How the internet has made a sea change in the life of the youth in this technology era is nicely given.

This book is meant for all as it deals with the contemporary social media problems, where everyone has got a liking   in one way or other using it according to his whims and fancies Also it carries great messages .This entertaining and heart – warming love story which uncovers bitter truths would instigate them  to make them wonder , introspect and come out with new perception making a great impact.  Parents and elders should also read this to understand pulse of   the present generation. The great message it conveys would touch everyone's heart.

My score : 3/5

Disclaimer: I thank Writersmelon for having sent me the book in exchange of honest and unbiased review

The Author 

Paul Roshan Silverius

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