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Review of IMAGINE


No of pages :   272

Published by : Harper Collins Publishers

Published on 2017

Genre :   Non Fiction Guide, Education lifeskills 

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My take

Fabulous... What an adorable book that speaks volumes about the special spaces and wow stories of  children and youth. I  feel happy that I have got the opportunity to read it.

Our children are endearing blessings. The education they get should make them great citizens to become ethical leaders and change makers.

I just reminisce my school and college days.Then I used to always wonder when this rote system would go once for all and replace learning of  .life  oriented skills to face the world and live in this intricate society. 

IMAGINE , the classical  book addresses the importance of learning life skills in a simple, pragmatic way .It has come. at the right time when values are deteriorating.

Dr. Shelja Sen, a mother,  writer and a child and adolescent psychologist  has crafted the book with her own experiences along with references  from various sources in  different countries and books. 

The plan

IMAGINE - the title coaxes us to give wings to our imagination. The cover in the greenery backdrop of branches of trees   and images of the  chirping birds is bequiling.

There are seven chapters and each one carries some subdivisions. The first chapter tells about “We make stories and stories make us”. So many guidelines and tips are available in the book.

Apart from anecdotes and memoirs  from the authoress life there are so many references to the sayings of scholars , great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi ,eminent educationalists  and psychologists.

Every chapter is well formatted to include explanations and descriptions ending with  Dig Deep  on  what we have to do or follow .Some chapters give Reflection  and GPS to make  us to ponder on the most significant points.

This book dives into the children's  realm and talks about the changes to be made to enrich  the student-teacher relationship and no child left invisible and the schools become emotionally safe spaces for inclusive &creative learning .

Kids will learn what they are ready to learn and not what we are ready to teach.

The book includes facets like Connection, Community, Coach , Care and Commitment.  

There is a recommended reading  page to  enlighten  you more.

The strong blurb ends with the following  words.

It is a game changer that will force us  to reflect , rethink, and redesign schools to ones that our children truly deserve .

The Pro

This impressive guide offers all the insights in the ethical  and  moral context on a subfield of education  that can mould our children to lead their life with compassion, character, critical thinking, courage and collaboration.

Useful links are there to improve our understanding on the subject.There are diagrams to give an explanation.

With exuberance and clarity, Dr Shelja Sen  has used  simple language ,with free flow of powerful words with rhyme and rhythm to  make the reading   astonishing, easy and seamless .

Her splendid  writing  style fizzes with descriptions, metaphors, and stories, taking  us right into the  education system  with flair and enthusiasm.

In this refreshing read IMAGINE, it  is a fascinating journey of  knowing  the minds of the children ,teacher and parents.

At times it seems to be preachy,but in this sort of book it is inevitable.

My favorite

I like the chapter Care- Art of mindful leadership.

Following gems of wisdom  of the authoress attract my attention

Love is a deliberate daily practice.

Teaching is a calling not just a job.

Every child is wired and inspired differently.

I also like the stories of Raghav and Ragini students  the like of whom we can meet in the present student community.

My verdict

Dr Shelja Sen has written from her heart  for the future of   the children   . Her vision to create a different world where children decide their space   reflects in   her passionate writing .

I highly recommend this book to all as it is every penny worth.All readers wanna  read  the interesting and intriguing  book .Especially  students , teachers, parents , counselors, therapists activists thought leaders other change makers should read this book . You can buy the book and give as a gift to your teachers , whoever associated with children in one way other  on special occasions .

In the last page You are invited to participate in the Schools that care and Communities That Care program at Children First .Please visit the following link .

www. Childrenfirstindia . com and support the cause of building a community of concern for children and youth.

Can't wait to read it.Buy the copy from the link given above.

My score 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received a free copy from the Publisher,  Harpercollins Publishers India in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

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