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No of pages    352

Publisher  HarperCollinsPublsihsrs India

Published on October 15 2017

Genre    Fiction Romance Contemporary  Ghost 

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My take

Once in a blue moon I get ghost stories .They are scary, revolving   around, the only motive i.e. revenge.

For the authors also it is like walking on the tight rope   holding a pole  and they need to be attentive   to details   to avoid mockery.

This book A  home for Urvasi a rare entertainer by Sanchali Bhattacharya an electrical engineer  , has come as a great relief  in this mundane, but busy  life. It is a great entertainer to be read in a relaxed manner. It extols the love and affection shown by the ghost to her sister which adds a pleasant flavor .

Since the storyline astounds me I have given a fast read and a second time for giving the review. I find it engrossing and entertaining. Such a wonderful novel.

The cover and title are apt to the story.The blurb is a powerful one to catch the readers attention.
The plot

I DIED THE DAY I was born. This tag line refers to the ghost ,Dulari. Between twin girls abandoned by their mother in the   beach the one survived is Ujjwala and she is the protagonist, Dulari in the form of a spirit is so fond of her sister Ujjwala.She  tells  her story in flashback. 

A well -to- do couple with a son   in Mumbai adopted Ujjwala. In an accident the foster parents  expired and her brother took care of her. He sacrificed his life  for her sake . After completing her Engineering degree, she pursued her  MBA.

Then she joined Karma Electronics and she outperformed her peers to be called the Star employee of the company and the same was published in the staff magazine. Afterwards, she  got a new boss Rituraj.

He used to give more work load and asked her to sit late to finish the job.
What Ritutaj has got to do with Ujjwala’s life and why she is afraid of him? 
Why she has come to Kolkata when Mumbai is her native place?
So many questions arise and the book gives answers to all of them. Apart from these answers there were so many incidents which would keep the reader suspenseful and there are surprises awaiting them.

Dulari  finds out that her sister's  official life is so demanding and she faces a tough  situation. She wants to help her to get out of such a situation. How as a ghost does she achieve the same ?

 what has happened to her dream?. 

There are thirty five chapters . Sometimes dialogues carry  the story.  So much descriptions and discussions go into the story making it lively and lovely.

The pro

Much of the narrative includes the present and past events and it travels from the  earth to the spirit realm .Crisp narrative doesn't  lose the warmth at any point of time. The story takes us on a roller coaster ride which runs through various dimensions .

Beginning  with a fast pace It is slow paced in the middle, but fast afterwards. It serves as a big insight on urban relationships. Also it talks about the gender discrimination and the struggles of balancing work life  of working women are beautifully  given.

Sanchali Bhattacharya the authoress has  brought complex characters to life  which touch our heart to the core  as  well crafted , and coated  with all the emotions .  The  sceneries  are realistic which have made me swept  away with excitement .With candor and humour,  she has penned the story which explores the intricacies of sisterhood , friendship ,romance and secrets .
The favorite
There are so many references from  the ancient Indian  epics Ramayana and Mahabharata . The title itself refers to the character in the epic.

Ujjwala and her team  mate visited  Darjeeling , Mirik,  Bhubaneswar and Puri. There are so many things described for the benefit of the travelers. It serves as a mini travelogue within the novel.

I like the way Ujjwala deals with the poor minor girls who are begging and how she helps them to rehabilitate ,  is given nicely She  is a fitting lady for evidence   of woman's empowerment.

I like the way Dulari , the ghost character is well formed to run the story in a smooth and easy way.
My verdict

This book has enthralled me and I like the concept and its execution. It carries lots of messages for the society.

Authoress Sanchali Bhattacharya has woven riveting   tale with the imaginative prose .The fresh writing style is one of the striking aspect .They keep the tempo and lend authenticity to the happenings . She has done a nice job of teasing the readers conveying the dark secrets of MCs. The sub plots connect in the end as a cohesive whole and lends more credibility to the story.

It is a light but hearty read for all. Especially the metro and urban women find it interesting and for them it is very much relatable. Whoever interested in ghost stories with Mythological backdrop would read it with interest.

Grab the Blockbuster copy and pamper yourself with fun and amusement.

My score : 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from Writersmelon in exchange of my honest and unbiased review

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