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Review of It Happens


No of pages   : 166

Publisher :  Notion  prress .com 

Published on : 20 th September 2017

Genre : Fiction Roamnce Contemperory

My take

I thank Writers melon for having sent me the book for my review.

Romance between a youth   and an elderly woman will be usually a part of the story   This novel  takes it a crux and discusses in an elaborate   manner. In the present internet era  where both boys and girls work together, some of them may  fall in love and  they tackle the challenge of making it successful as there would be opposition from different angles. Especially when it clashes with the social norms the emotional struggles of the lovers need not be underestimated. 

The plot

I have felt  allured  by the eye-catching title as well as exotic cover. The image of one man standing with   two women gives us a hint about the triangle love affair.

The book has got 18 chapters with apt captions. Gautam, aged 25 working in an international bank in  Mumbai is living with his  parents. Rohit is his buddy working in the same bank. Roshini aged 37, who has lost her parents living all alone is also working  along with them  as a Senior Vice President . 

Gautam begins to love her as he finds her attractive, independent and smart. Roshini also loves   Gautam and they decide to marry. Due to the age difference they hesitate and brood a lot before coming to a decision .

The strong blurb puts  the following  questions to us;

Will two smart professionals make a mistake by doing so ?

Or  will they listen to their logical senses art the last moment to avert what may be the biggest blunder of their lives?

We have to read the book to find the answers.

The Pro

  The  romantic tale sets at Mumbai  in the backdrop of corporate realm where the highly qualified professionals try to put all their skill and knowledge  to come up in their professional life. It deals with  fun as well as the ordeals they encounter. The atmosphere of free mingling  of girls and boys, developing friendship  has given the author   all the opportunity  to weave  an unostentatious drama . Despite  the controversial nature of the concept he has taken all the efforts to put  a neat story.

The con

As I start to read the book  the humorous situations make me laugh a lot. Then  the book  goes on a serious note .Some more strong sub plots would have strengthened the main plot.  Also I  feel apart from the Mcs others contribute only a little including   Gautam' parents . 

My favorite.

I find Rohit   mischievous and fun loving . I admire Richa as she fits in her sister role in a nice way.

The following words of wisdom have caught my attention

Marriage is all about companionship.

That is why the heart falls in love, and not the brain.

One good act done today always came back to you by karma   and so did a bad act.

 The story   revolves around youngsters of  the present generation where they  have got exposure to so many new facets  which  the older generation has never come across they could  relate to the happenings as well as characters   easily. Also the events in the corporate world  are given in a fantastic  manner so that  you can visualize them .

I also like the episode involving Gautam and Payal, his teammate when they go to Singapore on a new assignment.

My verdict.

Karan Sharma has done a great job in giving his debut novel. I must compliment him for his seamless narrative depicting the pulse of the   professionals belonging to the present generation   even though he is  a business man.   

The   fresh language , even pace ,precise descriptions and lively dialogues  have hooked me and I have   enjoyed  this emotional roller coaster entertainer.

Readers who are fans of romance novels would definitely find it worth reading as it is   an easy and quick read. I recommend this heart warming book to all especially those  who want to read about an youngster loving an  older lady.  

My score :    4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from Writersmelon in exchange of my unbiased and honest reveiw 


Karan Sharma


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