Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Review of Ramona


No of pages  : 110

Published by : Notion

Published on : September 18 th 2017

Genre: Fiction ,Adult Contemperroy, 

My review 

Manoj V Jain is one of my favorite authors as I have already read his earlier books  The THC :under a Gibbbous moon  and Balraj  and his writig stlye with fresh language and strong plot has astounded me a lot.

As suggested by the author I begin to read this novella after having read Balraj. This fantabulous book relates to the story of a typical Indian woman Ramona at her middle age,  married to Inder. They have got a grown up son Shourya. Set in the year 2015 on the backdrop of Mumbai .The wonderful story goes from the POV of the protagonist  till the end in flashback. 

Manoj V jain, in this page- turning tale has written a gripping, addictive and tautly suspenseful story of  ordeals , trails and insecurity faced  by the woman  in her life. His narrative is so touching , realistic and entertaining.

He has depicted her emotional turmoil with all the struggles and challenges she comes across for no fault on her part  in a lucid language .How she reconciles herself to the reality and seek redemption makes the beautiful part of the story.  

The plot with all the twists and turns , threads along with the subplots into a savvy , intelligent and sensitive tale. The real life characters are so nicely portrayed we can easily relate to them. The impact created in me will linger for a longer time.

Ramona is a well- crafted fiction with a strong message. If you love fiction you would definitely choose this one .It would entertain you with all the vibes  of fiction .It is worth reading as the engrossing storyline takes you to finish the book in one go. Grab it for an easy and quick read. 

My scrore :4/5

Disclaimer :I have given my honest and unbiased review.

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