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No of pages: 216

Published by : Bloomsbury Inida

Published  on : 28th Februakry 2017

Genere ; Non Fiction  Self-Help

Cover Rating: 5/5

My take

Modern life has altered our lifestyle.  Albeit there are a plethora  of comforts and luxuries we have  got , everyone is running after one or other in pursuit of happiness .Our golden custom and wise  tradition are there to safeguard us . But new habits haunt us hindering our progress. To site an example we can quote about our craziness for fast food.  

The book "HAPPINESS IS ALL WE WANT"  addresses the challenges we meet due to modern life and also gives guidelines to tackle the same with the wisdom we have inherited from our ancestors . This book has come at an relevant time.

The plan.

The title is so eye-catching as it addresses to all. The book starts with an  introduction and structure . Then there are three parts each, carrying some chapters . Each chapter consists of practical tips , Happiness Moment, TechTraps.  Wish list and ending with Things to ponder , Things to do and SWC(Smart Well-being Capsule ).In the introduction, How to use the book is given to make it reader friendly.. Part 1 deals with Mental well being, Part 2 Physical well being, and the last one Part 3 Spiritual wellbeing.There are totally 22 SWCs. 

The book discusses elaborately various scenarios and solutions, giving myriad guidelines to carry out our day to day life with happiness . There are so many stories to give a true picture and we can easily relate to them which would open our eyes. For Mental wellbeing meditation is given due weightage and Yoga techniques. Similarly for physical wellbeing gymnasium is well discussed. For spiritual well being selfless action is instructed.Last page Annexure -1 is given with details about various exercises and duration and the page it where it is given.    

The book covers all the topics related to happiness. To name a few  the list goes like this.  Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Weight training, Procrastination, Balanced diet, Cardio exercises Fear of death, and selfless action .

The pro.

Crafted in a pragmatic way , the book carries all the principles which include motivating stories , sage sayings, and easy to do tips.To make it an essential one for all in pursuit of happiness. The organized chapters make the reading a pleasant ride and a seamless read  . Each division carries subdivisions with fantastic titles. The narration is so nice and the construction is fantastic. 

This book  instigates to correct yourself and lead a peaceful life.Simple tricks  and quotes from the life of great personalities like Buddha and the Bhagwad-  Gita would take you to a greater level.

Ashutosh Mishra’s narrative presents his anecdotes, memoirs and intriguing concepts and makes the book a powerful one with the intrinsic value for self improvement.  

 He talks about a teenager who prays before taking food and also the ten year old boy playing Angry Birds going bent-neck posture like an automaton.

In the blurb it is given

You can immensely improve not only the peace and happiness in your life but your beauty and appearance as well.

My favorite

I find the following chapters.
1.       The power of Prayer.
2.       Be a Yoga Horse.
3.       Learning selfless action.

Also, I find the wake up stories of Mr. Kashyap , an investment banker , S. Harbans Sing Arora eighty three year old gentle man and Ratnakar a highway robber that make us pensive and lead us to soul search.

The following pearls of wisdom touch my heart.

In today’s world of break-neck material competition, where we identify our self-esteem with the model of the latest gadget that we are flaunting or the designer label we want to wear , the ancient spiritual practice must be revived in a widespread manner .

 The dry and stiff branch breaks easily in the wind whereas the flexible branch withstands (as told by his Yoga instructor.)

4.       The universe is nothing but pure energy. The more energy you can gather the more fulfilling your lie can be.

My verdict.

A great self help book. A free flow and flawless narration .An  insightful work  full of  pearls of  wit and wisdom . This sort of book would enthrall all. This is a refreshingly entertaining   and enlightening book with  chapters truly motivating and it would definitely make a great impact in your life. 

Ashuthosh Mishra, a senior  banker the author  has created book with full of gems of  wiseness . It is crisp and  inspiring His writing style is friendly and the good use of beautiful language make the reading a pleasant experience. The holistic approach of the author covering the wellbeing of body, mind and soul it makes a great read like one stop shop. Utilizing his tools and techniques there would be a change in your lifestyle and you can feel the difference .Every word is coined with a meticulous care attention  and  effort to give an exquisite read. I keenly await his next book.

I recommend this book to all as it has come as an oasis to help us having a smooth sailing due to storms created by the modern life . This book should be studied regularly and revised again and again. I wish parents buy  the book as a gift on special occasions to their children and make them study to imbibe good principles for their wellbeing. Teachers should ask their students to buy the book and study for their progress and happiness.

Whoever wants to make  a change in his/her life should try this book and you would get the full satisfsction after reading it. Don't wait but grab a copy and embellish your life.

My score :  5/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from the Publisher free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

The author 

Ashutosh Mishra

Taken from Amazon 

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