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No of pages : 198

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Published on : 2017

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Cover Rating :   3/5

My take

A sci-fi thriller also belongs to other genre like crime, fantasy ,action and adventure it would sure be a great entertainer.At the same time  as the novel is set in the year 2050 and travels from planet to  Earth it gives a great chance to weave  a wonderful plot.This is what I see when I start to read the book.

The plot

Since the plot is the strength of the book I want to say a few words about it.

Richard Sparks aged 42 is facing a trial for the murder of one of the crew of the ship 'The Silver Star'.

Rubin Draco,billionaire  ,aged 52 head of Draco industries  in his pursuit of developing his business wants to try with his new thirst Space.

There are so many subplots involving the two MCs and many questions arise about their involvement and when the truths are unravelled we would be astonished. All the power game among the politicians are given and the negotiation between them and the big shots .The involvement of  international organization in  research in the space is discussed. 

There are many characters that contribute to the main plot . The list goes like this.   Mario Grant , Duncan Stewart Officers involved in the mission, Thomson Boer ,Jewel, Robbie, Pramod Muchenda and Natalie.

The Pro

It is an entirely new concept to tell a story about the mission to Jupiter's Moon namely Europa in the sky.The planning and preparation for the same are given in a beautiful manner. Also the modus operandi  of Draco to  mint money would make you awed .The language is so simple and fantastic, I don't feel difficult to fathom the events albeit it is a Sci fi.The pace is fast and even .

Women are portrayed in a nice manner.Jewel act adventurously. The upgradation of latest technology as expected to be in the future reflects in the action scenes . Especially the chasing of Rommie by Jewel and after effect shows the advancement in technology. Also the author has given so much significance to describe the places like Taj Mahal using his imagination and creativity.

There are so many twists,turns and traps and the suspense and surprise would engage us definitely.The characters are intelligent and some are cunning and crooked.Their emotions and turmoil are handled to perfection and they impact us to be remembered for a long time.

The climax is unexpected and unpredictable. Clues and cues are there to  guide you . 

The con

The conversations are formal and editing is not good.The font is small .

My verdict

I like the book for the concept and it's perfect execution.There are humorous situations to tickle us .The events would create goosebumps and at times our adrenaline would shoot up .

Hywel Richard Pinto has penned the thriller with a perfect coherence giving due weightage to details. His story telling skill serves as a sure page turner .He  is becoming our Desi Sydney Sheldon

I recommend this book to fans of sci-fi thriller with  a dose of crime , action  and adventure to give you all the thrilling and chilling sensation.This enjoyable travelogue would entertain you . 

My score : 4/5

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