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No of pages :  168

Published by:  Notion press .com

Published on  :  October  11th 2017

ISBN13 9781948032544

Genre:   Non Fiction Biography Motivation.

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My review 


I thank Dr. Govind Sharma for having sent me the book in exchange of my review. I have read his  two books namely  State vs Amrit kumar  and The Breakup-Clinic.He has become my favorite author as I am astounded by his story writing  style and skill to weave a great plot.

THE DEV ANAND STORY : The book’s cover is fantastic with azure background carrying the image of the  bronze life size  statue of Dev Anand,  Super star along with the most famous actress  Waheeda Rehman staring  the same with adoration . Dev Anand won the hundreds and thousands of hearts by his charisma,  handsome look and hard work . He got many mega hits.In the cine feild he got great respect .

The first page carries his  lively sketch by Badal Tyagi  . There are 11 chapters each holding a caption .Chapter one starts with The Dev Anand Story wherein the author recollects the day 4 th December 2011 telling about the sad demise of the evergreen star  .From there onwards he  gives a glorifying picture of his favorite actor by citing so many incidents and giving reference to the sayings of great personalities about him .Last chapter gives the details of important Awards and Honors as well as about his  films. 

 The story is unfurled from the year 1923  to 2012 .The world famous  legend’s life  journey from his birth to till he makes the movie charge sheet   portrayed in a beautiful way.  His efforts to become a cine actor and later on as a  producer of quality movies under his banner Navketan his experiences with his colleagues, his successes and failures , his relationship with  his colleagues everything is given in a nice manner. The strong blurb on the cover includes the following statement:

A karma yogi in the true sense of the term he produced directed and acted in a lead role in a movie a the age of eighty eight which is without parallel in the history of Bollywood.

His wisdom quote would inspire all.

"You are dead the moment you stop dreaming".

The author has toiled a lot to collect the details and put them in a wonderful  manner to be a fitting tribute  to the great artist.I like the book as it holds so many truths about the legend who has acted till the age of 88 in the   lead character. His story would definitely   motivate us. Whoever knows the actor would find the book worth reading as they can remember the sweet moments. 

This book is meant for all cine goers as the book deals with the super actor who would be remembered forever for his great contribution to the Indian Cinema. The language is superb. The Editing is good and the font is medium making an easy   read . It is a must read by all  as it motivates us a lot and it should be recommended  to all the institutions imparting courses related to cinema.  His life is a great lesson to all .

My rating: 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from the author in excahnge of my honest and unbiased review .


Govind Sharma

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