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No of pages  220

Published by   Penguin metro reas

Published on  : 18th Septmber 2017

Genre: Fiction Adult Contemporary  Psychological  Thriller

My take

You have three faces 
The first face , you show to the world 
The second face, you show to your close friends
your family
The third face you don't show to anyone
                                    It's the truest refelection of who you are                                    

The book starts with the above Japanese proverb

I thank Writersmelon for having sent me the book in exchange of my honest  review.
I have already read Akash Verma’s “A broken man’’   and given my review. This is his second book I have gone through and I am glad to give my review. This book needs compulsive read as it is  timely and come as an eye opener to the present generation. The cast of characters is amazing as  each give their best to run the story in a smooth and gratifying manner. The author’s use of fresh and different language make the book a formidable novel.Indelible characters leave a great impact on us as they oscillate between hope and  desperation.

In this  most incisive and insightful book ,  the author  depicts  a remarkable portrait of working professionals in the corporate world .Interweaving past with the present, he has spun an ingenious and thrilling storyline to make the reading a wonderful experience

The plot

The title You never knowand the subtitle “Sometimes love can drag you through hell”.   indicates the enigma it holds and nothing can be guessed about the story.
There are 30 chapters and each chapter carries the name of the Characters Dhruv, Sid , and Anuradha. They give their stories in the respective chapters, They are told in present tense. The happenings belong to the period from February 2015 –September 2017 .The supporting charecters Rachana Dhruv's colleague ,Hemant Bhita an MLA contribute a lot to move the social drama. As the plot line is the strong point of the novel I don’t want to touch it. The strong blurb of the book on the backside of the cover gives a gist of the same.

There are three key  characters on whose stories the novel revolves.


Aged 40, the protagonist , he is the senior vice president of C&M , a corporate company  dealing in the media field  ,situated in Gurgaon the Cyber City. Shalini a psychiatrist  is his  wife running a clinic nearby their house. They have got two kids Siya and Kabir. He is waiting for his promotion to branch head.

Sid Mathur

25 years old, the antagonist he is the only son of his parents and he is trying to set up an online market place for all kinds of sports equipment in Delhi. Sid is a drunkard. He wants to mobilize funds for his startup.


A girl working for an advertising company in Gurgaon. She likes Sid and they are loving each other.  She joins  C&M as creative head .

What has transpired among these three persons forms the crux of the story.

The Pro

The luxuriant language would take us to the realm of corporate. The author has chiseled the characters to perfection and we would remember them   for a long time. They are realistic and the happenings are believable .The pace is steady and as the climax nears it is so fast and compelling. You would feel thrilled. Both the concept and execution are wonderful the conversations are formal and a delight to read them. There are subplots and they serve the purposes of joining the main one to give a great picture. When the protagonist unearths the secrets we feel awestruck. Sometimes it is spine-chilling and gives goose pumps.Suspense is maintianed till the end.

My favorite

I admire Anuradha for her boldness and intelligence. In the corporate world with the cosmopolitan backdrop,  where there is male domination she struggles all alone to prove herself. She also makes mistake and pays the price for it.The  author has portrayed her insecurity in a beautiful way.

The following lines attract my attention.

The bear of debt is one of the biggest burdens and can crush anyone.
The ones who are tough in the real world turn soft in their own world
If you share the company of pigs, you eventually become one too.
These days, a mobile phone has become a hub of all activities, an epicenter of all good and bad information.

My verdict

Akash Verma has woven an intriguing tale  in corporate sphere using his experience in the same. The narrative prose  is so fantastic  when I read for the second time I find it fresh and alluring. Not only he has thrown light on the lifestyle and the deterioration of values but also he is cautioning us about the threats facing the present marriage institution.He is enlightening us about the use of  latest technology we get from  mobile, internet, social media,etc  whcih play a pivatol role in  our day to day to life .

Readers who want to read crime thriller would find the book entertaining .Both youngsters and elders should read for the adult themes it carries. Go and buy it. Pamper yourself with a thrill and recommend the book to your near and dear ones.

Both Cover photograph by Shuttershock and Cover design by Meena Rajasekaran are superb.

My rating : 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from Writers melon in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

Auhtor Akash Verma 

Photo taken from Goodreads 

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