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Review of Semmanthaka The Second quest

No of pages : 182

Publshed by : Zorba books

Publishded on : May 14 th 2017

Genrre: Fiction.Epic, Action , Adventure , Spritual.

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My take 

The puranas’ tales always  enthrall  and engage  you with beguiling stories  . Irrespective of age, everyone would enjoy the entertaining historical and political drama.  The   message of dharma , “Good always triumphs over evil” is highlighted  in different ways , using various scenarios. Even today they are relevant in propagating the ethical principles and golden virtues we have to follow for a peaceful and happy life.

Semmanathaka the Second quest ,  is  a  beautifully crafted religious saga    written in the parallel lines of  the first quest  for the  immortal gem.The period drama has engaged me to such an extent I have read it   at a stretch.

Starting from the present days  ,  revolving around the various historical periods set in the old Bharatha Desa it ends with the where it has started. The author has penned  a spiritual period drama   fulfilling the   sprawling   historical  journey adding a crown to the literary world.  Thrill, excitement and the blitheness have evoked by the fantastic  read.

The plot

The book starts with a Foreword form the author wherein he states that he has taken the tale of Semmanthaka from the   Hindu Puraanas .The story begins with the meeting of Dr.Shva  Baalan,   a  freelancing marine archeologist , and Yogi his assistant ,  a geek who has devised a computer programme to decipher ancient scripts, and Stalin Malhotra the head of conglomeration of companies called Zamorez Inc Corp . The crux of the same is to give the assignment of searching for the Semmanthaka gem said to be located at the city of Dwaraka as mentioned in  the great Epic Mahabaratha, where Lord Krishna existed. The have a got a cue in the form of a writing from a manuscript hold by Stalin. In search of the gem Both Dr. Balan and Yogi went to a temple situated near the banks of Rann of Kutch. There they meet the priest who takes them to Jaara baaba 100 years old his guru, a wise ascetic.

The first part of the book deals with   the flash back   of Jaara  baaba,   occurred in  his various births . In these stories he tells how he comes across a part of Krishna ‘s   flute . It spans to various eras starting from ancient historical era   to that of our the Independence struggle  . The great personalities Chandragupta ,Shivaji and  Netaji have got  great roles in shaping the story.

The second part belongs to the Semmanthaka   gem . There are so many knots unravelled  and there are myriad   adventures and a lot of action.  Bloodshed, casualties, victory and treachery occur in this mythological saga.

Whether the trio finds out the Semmanthaka or not , and after, that  what befalls them   are the questions that arise and readers have to read the book to know the answer.

The pro

The astute title and the grand cover design are magnificent enough  to provoke curiosity . The blurb is strong and it ends with the following  question.

 “As the forces of Adharma gather Dr. Baalan and Yogi stand the test of faith or will they too succumb to the lure of Semmanthaka ?”

 This instigates us to read the book and know the answer. The chosen   concept and the perfect execution astound me. I have felt   flabbergasted by the engrossing narrative prose and at times I am hooked to the extent of forgetting myself.

In the first half the pace may be   somewhat slow, but in the second one it is fast .The aroma of history mythology, coupled with the latest technology is pleasant to go for the heartening read.

The ancient places, horrifying events and dramatic scenes come alive in front of our eyes through the lovely descriptions and a host of indelible characters.

The novel carries all the ingredients to entertain the reader like, suspense. twists and turns surprise and spine chilling thrill . It has got a fitting   unexpected climax.

My favorite

I admire  the chapter titled Back at the city of Dwaaraka , wherein Satrajit has got the Semmanthaka gem a gift from Lord Surya and the missing of his brother Prasenjit  who has gone with the jewel in an inebriated mood .  

I also like the various facts given in the book. Mind reading, fore hosting, super human mystic qualities, deciphering animal language , meditation for hours and body control by yoga etc would take you to the realm of mystery and mythology. The fights between Gods and humans, humans and animals and among the animals themselves are  portrayed nicely.  
The author reveals  the vagaries and idiosyncrasies of the  human mind in their true colour and dimension.

My verdict

I adore the book for its storyline and the lessons it teaches us. Dr Syd, a scholar   has done a brilliant job   in crafting  his favorite tale  taken from the puraanas . The story teller in him has made the book a sure page turner.

Readers who want to read about our Puraana and Epic may find the book very interesting. Everyone can read the book . You can suggest the book for all and also give as a gift on special occasions. The book is worthful every penny and I suggest you grab it and enjoy the amazing read.

My scor5/5

Disclaimer I have received the book   from the author but that doesn’t mean my review is breaking any reviewing rules and I thank the author for  his effort with all my heart.

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