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Review of Hell No Saints in Paradise


No of pages:   350

Published by:     Harper Collins Publishers India

Published on:   25 th August 2017

Genre:      Fiction adult  Satire Fantasy   Allegory

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My take

 I thank Writersmelon for having sent me the book in exchange of my honest review.

“Hell No Saints in Paradise “ The title itself denotes it is a classic satire with humorous flavor coated with fantasy . When I start reading the book , I find it a definitely  different book and it need s my patient and steady reading. This story revolves around the happenings in the life of a Pakistani-American student. This is the first time I am coming across a fast and fantastic  novel set up in the near future I. e 2050. We are all accustomed to the contemporary or ancient tale and this has come with an approach to the future a sure modern attempt .This book has come as a challenge to me and I have read the each and every page with zest as I am astounded by the freshness  and novel revelations.

The plot

The story starts from October 2050 when the protagonist Ismael an agnostic meets Petra a psychoanalyst in the making in Grasshpopper. He tells her about his thesis for PhD programme  namely Paradise and Hell. As per suggestion he goes to the Yage Yoga Center at Columbus Circle. There he meets Khidr who tells him that   he is going to “clean up a big mess” . When he returns to his apartment he finds an envelope containing air ticket from JKF to Lahore , Pakistan.

He gets into the Lahore city and Wali , the car driver takes him in the car to his home where his  father Abba is residing . Wali takes him to a stadium where there is a cricket match is going on. There they meet Tarzan who is selling papad . From there the story travels through various places. Like Layer after layer the incidents take place and there is hope and despair, Pain and pleasure take turns to run the story.

There are 27 chapters and each chapter gives more and more action and adventure of the hero. There are many characters like Pir Pul Siraat , Ibrahim, Pappu Saien, Laila, Sophie, queen Xenobia, Munkar and Nakir.

What happens to the hero and how he manages to enter in to Paradise makes the most part of the second part. What about the mission he faces and the outcome of the same the book discusses elaborately.

The Pro

A K Asif , a debut author  has woven a beautiful story based on the experiences and ordeals of the MCs .with a narrative prose describing the various events in a smooth manner . The language is gorgeous and it serves as a sure page turner. The pace is  even and there is no dragging at any  point of time. The plot is a strong one and the subplots are equally well depicted. The humor and action blends well to keep the tempo and there is good amount of suspense and surprises at each and every page . 

There are thrilling situations and spine chilling sceneries to engage the readers  as a great entertainer. The hero’s aspirations, dreams ,frustrations, dilemmas and fears are given in its true vividness. His sexual encounters are seemed to be exaggerated and magnified. It is all the author’s imagination as the story belongs to a entirely odd realm and it is the beauty of the author present a realistic picture in a fictional world created by him.   

A strong blurb on the back side of the cover aks the question ," Will he survive long enogh to infilrate his father's inner sanctum and complete his mission.  

My verdict

Actually I feel  hooked to the book from the first page as I  come across many action scenes and I go on read  it at regular intervals  till I reach the end  . I admire  the book for all the pearls of wisdom from Holy Quran and I find it engrossing due to the actions and adventures . I await  the author's next book.

A funny , pensive and intelligent story may scare at times like a horror movie .But the author’s  story teller skill has made it a sure   astute roller coaster ride.

You would be moved by the modern writing style and the perfect editing .The fascinating story would enthrall you in the first person narration of the hero and coaxes you read on still you finish it with due satisfaction and excitement.  Overall the absorbing tale with the maximum entertainment  quotient with a fitting ending would be a great treat for your intellectual quest .

I recommend this book tto all who love fantasy stories.

Cover design and illustratin by Saurabh Garge is superb.

My score: 4/5

Disclaimer: I have reeived a copy from Writersmelon  in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

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