Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Review of A Tribute to My Dreams


No of Pages  : 150

Published by: Notionpress.com

Published on : 24 th April 2017

Genre: Fiction Family Drama

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My review. 

Cover rating : 4/5

Battles are never won on One Single Day.
One Must Fight Until Victory,
or Until One Becomes Lifeless

A tribute to my Dreams by Balachandran Kodandath is an intersing and amazing  read on a controversial subject with a great message. The book carries all  the emotions targeting the readers interested in sentiments and feelings.

The book questions about the logic in not allowing the father to have the custody of his daughter after the divorce. It elaborately discusses about the court proceedings. The author has portrayed the trauma and turmoil the father undergoes in a poignant  manner we feel for the protagonist. That way the author is successful and the storyteller in him make the page turner once you start the reading .

The language is simple and the pace is fast. The characters are real and the narrative prose is adorable. The story line nay be small . But the discussions,   arguments and counter arguments are heavy and honest as you can easily relate to them and make a great impact in your mind.

Overall it is wonderfully written by the author with enough plot to instigate a wonderful read. Anyone who is interested in reading about divorce, custody of   the child after the same , the conducting of the case of family relationship  by the court can read this . Anyone fond of family drama can find the book interesting . You can recommend this book to your friends and relatives .

I thank the author for having sent me the book in exchange of my honest and unbiased review. 

My rating: 4/5

Balachandran Kodandath

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