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Review of 10 Essentials to the Blueprint of HAPPINESS


No of pages;   134

Published by    Power Publishers 

Published on   April 2017

Genre Non Fiction Self help

My take

I thank Writers Melon for having sent me this wonderful book.

Self help books always give us useful guidelines and memorable  lessons  to improve  our quality of life. Today’s consumerism driven society with high stress culture paves way to the necessity of such books. They teach us skills for our self-mastery  and thereby leading a peaceful, happy and contended life.

Nowadays the attention the youngsters attribute to these sorts of books  dwindles .They should realize the significance of them as they serve as a sure companion in the journey of personal development .I love  these books as they remind me to review my lifestyle and make necessary corrections for my well being and betterment.

The plan
10 Essentials to the Blueprint of HAPPINESS is a classic   Self help book as its catchy title and the lovely cover coax me read the book . It is a brilliant book on self improvement.It teaches us the principles of attainig happiness by making changes and understanding the different aspects of our life .

The book starts with the following nugget of wisdom.
“Remember,no man is a failure who has friends”
                                                                                      -Frank Capra’s Movie –It’s a Wonderful life (1946)
It ends with the following words
As Grammy –winning singer Bobby McFerrin rightly sums up life in mere four words-
Don’t Worry…………………….Be Happy.

The Synopsis given on the back side of the cover includes the following sentence highlighting the book's uniqueness.

“Ten Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness “delightfully portrays interlinked stories from everyday modern life that can change you forever with everlasting bliss.

The book starts with a Preface  which it says as follows:

So let’s go through ten practical tips that would freshen you and make life livable even under stressful circumstances.

Then there is the  introduction .Are  you Happy?

There are 10 chapters ,each giving a thorough discussion with stories and essays with bullets and list points. The subjects include self  discovery commination action ,Marriage, sex ,money,Travel originality share and care and God. There are anecdotes ,questions and answers , inferences ,ideas and suggestions to fit the topic the chapter relates as well as the happenings in the life of the MCs in the stories to substantiate 

 If the first chapter deals with Gossip ,the third one hints at perception and charisma. Like this all the facets of life are discussed elaborately .There are some instructions and action exercises to motivate you , take necessary steps to achieve happiness in our life.

My favorite

I like the following words of the author on happiness

Happiness is the sole goal of the soul’s journey in every human life, and sometimes it may take the soles off your boot in this journey.

On a more philosophical note, we can never truly taste success if we haven’t suffered the pain of failure , just like we will never know what happiness is if  we have never suffered a tragedy.
I admire Sneha for all her wise advises on money. She represents women's empowerment. The story of Varsha melts our heart as she suffers from Anthropophobia  

My verdict.

Bhanu Arora ,the versatile author has crafted the book with his excellant  writing flair . The persuasive and poetic prose would engage us with a pleasant ride in this great journey of motivation.I like the racy literary style of the author and the rhyme and  rhythm have enthralled me.

I have read the book at one go as it has given me immense pleasure and inspiring .For readers I suggest they should take time to go through the book leisurely each chapter  and catch the nuggets of wisdom he wants to drive in.  

I recommend this book to all, young and old for a hearty read  and assure yourself an everlasting happiness.  It is a good investment.
Don’t wait but buy the book immediately.  

My score: 5/5

Disclaimer: Writers melon has sent me the book and this is my honest and unbiased review

Author Bhanu Arora 

Bhanu Arora

Author can be cantacted at



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