Thursday, 14 September 2017

Our Health is in our Hands

Healthy க்கான பட முடிவு

Strong body and strong mind go together. When we speak about health we have to take into account both physical and mental health. Emotions affect us a great extent and lead to disease like ulcer. We should always keep in mind to be happy and joyful. When we are physically fit and our body shows no sign of any illness we feel good about ourselves. When there is lack of the same we feel all the negative thoughts. Hence taking care of both physical and mental health should be our primary concern.

Balanced living makes all the difference

There should be a balanced view and attitude towards life to enjoy a good health. Our lifestyle should be disciplined and all sort of overindulgence is dangerous. Food should be taken when we feel hungry. Proper exercise should be done in order to keep a healthy body. We should sleep at least six hours to get proper rest. There should be uniformity and simplicity in our activities and we should not indulge in vices like smoking. All bad habits should be curtailed as the ill effects  out of them gives us more and more troubles in the long run. We should spend our time in good and fruitful activities like listening to music.

Empty mind is devils workshop

We should engage ourselves in productive activities so that we don’t fall prey to venomous ideas and we have to live the life according to the sayings of wise people. Our ancestors have formulated myriad paths for our health and we should follow them to avoid ill health. We should take 8 tumblers of water every day. We should eat fiber rich food in plentiful to avoid constipation and indigestion. We should use sugar and salt in minimum quantity. We should take one or other physical activity so that we may sweat and all the waste elements go out of our system.

Health is wealth

If we follow a disciplined lifestyle we won’t worry about our health. There should be thoughtfulness to set small goals for achieving a healthy life. We have to maintain a diary to note down our problems and find out the solution then and there. With physical fitness, we can enjoy our life fully and it gives all the energy to carry out our daily activities. If we fall ill we should not overlook the same and we should take necessary steps to come out of the situation. Self-medication is always dangerous and hence it is always better to consult doctor and take medicine. Sleep deprivation is to be avoided and we should take rest and recoup ourslef for the next day .

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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