Friday, 15 September 2017

Be healthy and be a winner

Hale and healthy life  is the dream of everyone. To be healthy we have to follow some principles and guidelines. I have formulated following five rudimentary tips from my experience and my association with successful people.

Walk in the morning a boon to good health

My uncle, an NCC Officer used to tell me that he would arrange for a march past with his cadets early in the morning say at 4 AM some 3 or 4 kms. The early morning walk is beneficial to us as this would make us alert and energetic throughout the day. The pure air at that time would give us a feeling of happiness.

Fasting is a good habit
health is wealth க்கான பட முடிவு
Nowadays fasting is unheard of and people are going for celebration on one pretext of this occasion or other by arranging parties and getting all the food items to fill the plate. In those days people used to go for fasting a full day in a month. They won’t take food and they would break the same with a glass of fruit juice.

Cleaning the bowels and intestines

We take bath and clean our body externally. Our inner organs are to be cleaned once in a while so that they function in a smooth manner. This we can do by taking enema. This should not be used frequently .Also we should excrete stool twice a day. Since we take a large quantity of masala items our digestion process is slowed and constipation is rampant resulting in difficulty in passing the same. Plenty of water we should drink to avoid this.

Small tips but great benefits

One of my buddies use to tell us the remedies for small ailments. For example, if we suffer from vomiting sensation we have to smell the lemon. It will stop. For loose motion we should take black tea without sugar. Like this there are so many cures available for our ill health.

Follow your heart not your taste buds

I have got many friends who are foodies craving for junk foods. They want to eat a lot to satiate their taste buds. Tasty food need not be nutrient and it won’t give us necessary nourishment. Nutrient food need not be tasty. We have to eat to live and we should not live to eat. Food give us energy. We should not be gluttons to eat greedily. There should be moderation and optimum level to give us the full benefit.

Conclusion-Health and happiness coexist

Health is not child’s play. If we fall ill we suffer and our family members also suffer with us. It is always better to be a health freak and our happiness quotient by virtue of our wellbeing is on the higher side. 

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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