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Review of UNNS The Captivation


Author : Sapan Saxena

No of Pages : 244

Published by : Inspire India Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-85783-87-6

Published on : 18 March 2016

Genre; Romance Action Spy Adventure Thriller.

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My take 

Love thrills; at times it fails also. To love someone and to be loved by the same person may give buoyant vibes in our life. But when it fails the pain  hurts.
UNNS The captivation is  a story of Atharva Rathod, a maths prodigy turned sleuth  starting  his teenage to the age of 42.It is a tale of his journey blended with his  professional  life.
When I start to read the book I find myself floating through an entertaining story of love and duty.

The plot.  

Atharva Rathod , the protagonist , a student of a Coed school in an urban city near New Delhi is ,  studios and hardworking . Atharva meets Meher Qasim and it is love at first sight.Their love blossoms like a flower but due to the intervention of Meher ‘s parents she severs the  bond . She leaves for Germany and lives with her aunt.

He suffers from  Thrombophilia  for which he takes injection once in a month. His sufferings due to the disease would strike us to feel for him.

The next part of the story starts after 15 years.Now Atharva is an officer of RAW an Indian intelligence agency   and his boss is director Vasu.He is deputed to Munich  for a mission . Dev is his Senior officer.There he has to follow Professor Miyaaz Sheikh  and collect information about his activities. There he happens to meet Meher again
She tells about her past that her mother has introduced  a boy to Meher .But the relationship does not materialize and she has to part with him.She is looking after her aunt’s hotel business. Atharva desires to live with her.

Sleek and crisp blurb asks the following question

   Are they in control their own destiny , or is it their destiny which is           making them dance to it’s tunes ?

This teen aged lovebirds faces challenges in their adult  life . What are their struggles and hitches they face?How Atharva has got the next assignment to save the kid Ayaz in Belmount in the state of New Hampire. and the how far he is successful in the mission. For all these questions the book has got the answers.

The Pro

The unique title UNNSThe captivation embossed along with a small branch of plant with two leaves and a flower would be a treat to your eyes. .The cover is exotic and the design is awe-inspiring  I like the recommendation of Anupam Sinha (India ‘s NO 1 Comic book writer.)

                       “Will keep you at the edge of your seat.”

With gorgeous prose and indelible characters this  tale speaks volume about the effect of love .   The dazzling plot holds our attention from the opening page to the stunning climax .Author has embedded the subplots with a seamless manner   which contribute a lot to make the reading an enjoyable one.Characters are professionals  and well placed.

There are  nearly 25 chapters having captions in Hinglish .Actually the book starts with the chapter namely   Meher in which Atharva tells about his diary where  he pens his stories. The printing and the bold font  make the read gratifying.

My favorite

The  teenage buddies, Atharva and Meher love  each other and the portrayal of the same  is lively and lovely.I like the episode in which  the Intelligence officers want to see all the mails sent to the  professor and the modus operandi   employed through a mobile app .

Gems of wisdom

Sometimes, it is worth living the dreams,  tasks, hopes or ambitions of the people you love, however unjustifiable or stupid they may sound.Sometimes it’s worth completing  when they stood up for. That is the best gift you can give  to the people you love.
They say you are the maker of your own destiny .Big words, like you make your own destiny. But no matter how hard you try if one person is not convinced, the entire direction of you life changes .

Hub, would mean the stage of attraction .it is when two people feel attracted to each other , but have not developed strong feelings for each other. This is followed by UNNS the sage of infatuation when people think they are in love but actually aren’t. It is merely attraction and captivation.

 I like   Dev as he is very organized  and supportive. The way the story is woven  astounds me as the author has crafted it with all the keenness.  The intrigue  and the methodology for carrying out  by the intelligence agency is well put in.
Also I like heart wrenching the story of Austrian weight lifter , Matthias Steiner .

My version

With a writing style  that is conversational most of the time. Sapan Saxena engrosses you in a wise combination romance and realism .I enjoyed the fast pace of the book .
It makes a  fun read for all . This book is worth every penny it costs You would be hooked from the first page Readers would feel the thrill and excitement  developed dud to the unexpected and unpredictable happenings. .with unflinching eyes only we have to read the book as the story flows very fast and we would get glued to the same.
Go and grab the book to  give yourself a treat of entertainment.

My Scoring : 5/5

Disclaimer : I am the winner of the Goodreads giveaway and this is my honest and unbiased review.

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