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Review of Messed up! But All for Love

No of pages :  162

Published by : Srishti Publishers &Distributors

Published on : 2017

Genre :Youth Adult Romance Contemporary Thriller

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 My take 

I thank Writers Melon for having sent me the book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Romance is always the favorite genre all of for us.  Because we can relate to the story as every one comes across the phase of love in his /her life one or other time.When the novella  deals about the youth, their fun , playfulness, pain and the joy we feel enthralled.

Messed up !But All for Love is a clever book crafted with poignancy in the backdrop of a cosmopolitan city in Delhi .This story is indeed a portray of lifestyle of present ultra modern metropolitans  who indulge in all sort of extravagance in the name of partying which include boozing.  Woven into the story are various lessons about love ,marriage, divorce and life.

The plot

Neil the protagonist, 35 year old guy living in Gurgaon  tells his story in flashback in his first person narrative to Ganga, his boss. He has married Gauri, a dentist.His buddies are Tom, Jerry, and James.Jerry is an IT geek always in the pursuit of an app.Rest of them are all employees with regular income. Gauri ‘s friend is Mehr.

Drishti ,an anchor with a news channel and her husband Somesh Sambhav Singh , a senior cop  are at the verge of their divorce as she doubts he is flirting with a German girl ten years younger to him.

Gauri introduces Srinya,a fitness instructor to Neil as he wants to reduce his weight. Neil and his buddies go to Tashkent, Capital of Uzbekistan to spend their vacation and Gauri along with her friends go to Bangkok.Again for Thanksgiving they go to Cuba. Srinya also has come there to attend the same musical concert which Neil and his friends decide to attend.

Gauri comes to know about the visit of Neil to the hotel where Srinya stays and she doubts he is developing a friendship with her. She pours out her insecurity to Neil through a letter.Meanwhile Mehr becomes closer to Jerry and Tom woos Srinya.

Gouri leaves for Chennai as she has to attend a Summit for dentists.That night Neil along with his friends go to Cyber Hub for drinks and music.After consuming so many rounds of whiskey  in an inebriate mood they create such a nasty and awkward scene it lands him in the soup.There starts the trouble which leads to so many problems . Then the  story moves at a fast pace.The twists and turns which occur would entertain you.

The Pro

The book starts with a Prologue, sectioned into three parts ending with an Epilogue. The colorful cover is enticing and It’s design allures me a lot. Sautrav Das has done a marvelous job.The title printed nicely gives a fascinating sensation. The images of a couple and a lonely girl give the hint  of a triangle love.

The beginning of the story seems to go at a slow pace but as the reading proceeds the tempo would be felt. It is a sure page turner. I know Hindi to some extent and hence I can follow the  conversations in Hindi. The chat with Radio Mirchi is given in Hindi and English.

The plot is good and  the sub plots are strong to hold the attention of the readers. Characters are realistic, intelligent,wise,hardworking,and ambitious  and their emotions and feelings are heartwarming. There is a sufficient space among them  which in fact makes the read a gratifying one. The humorous elements the author has added in the otherwise tense social drama serve the purpose of coaxing the readers for a quick a read.

 The language is gripping and the story line is compelling.The narrative prose accompanied by poem here and there would touch you within. The tale covers all the facets of marriage  be love, adultery , infatuation , live in together without marrying , and infidelity . There is suspense and surprises to make you awestruck. The climax is a fitting  one .

I admire both Tom and Mehr as they stand with their friends through thick and thin .

My version

Arvind Parashar’s book has blown me away. His writing is superb and different"Till death do us part " This vow taken by the couple Neil and Gauri  shows  us the crux of marriage. He   emphasizes  this message with a louder voice.. He has span a tale to  engulf you in a blend of romance , realism , action,adventure , friendship. and crime .

Readers can find the story very much contemporary and they can enjoy the social drama due to its entertainment quotient.I recommend this book to both young and old people for a light read .
Don’t wait, but buy it immediately.

My rating:    5/5

Disclaimer: 'I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.' 

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