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Review of M B A is not about MONEY,BLAZER,ARROGANCE

No of pages : 161

Published by: Seven Rosa Publishers

Published on

Genre : Fiction Romance Memoir

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My review

MBA is not about MONEY ,BLAZER,ARROGANCE is a novella revolving around the MBA graduates This is the first  time I am coming across a book devoted to the cause of an NGO.It deals with  the pursuit of purpose for  studying  the course. by a student with a deep sense of moral outrage.

Stimulating title and the subtitle are inducing us to look for the story behind them.  MBA, the abbreviation means Master of Business Administration ,the athour gives a different   meaning i.e Money Blazer Arrogance. Every graduate wants to pursue MBA a professional course which paves way for a glorious  future in all facets of life  like money, status in life. etc. Parents also want their children take up the prestegious programme.

The cover design is nice. There are 12 chapters, each carrying  the name of a  month starting from January to December as the caption. The language of the passionate author Krishna Kranthi  is propulsive and the narration is  entertaining. The plot is thin and there are sufficient subplots to run the story in a smooth manner..Characters are real and the events are realistic.

Revant, the protagonist joins SPJIMR at Mumbai for obtaining the MBA degree. There he encounters many situations and he finds all those take the course are after money and they are arrogant . He wants to know the purpose his pursuing the course. Whether he gets the answer or not make the most of the tale.

I  like the experience of the hero Revant  with the NGO namely Vigyan Ashram in Pabal village near Pune started by Dr.Kalbag .It is an educational organization which provides education to the poor children through its unique education system.It teaches various skills like agriculture, welding.carpentry,drilling and other such manual work and most students come from poor background and some are dropouts or those who were ignored by the schools. It gives them accommodation and food and teaches them valuable skills.

The most interesting part of the book is the chapter ,namely November as Revant goes to various cities  in the Europe like,Paris, Zurich, Munich, Rome, Pisa, and Venice. The author has given a wonderful picture of such places we feel we are travelling with him.

I love the book for a good message it gives to all of us.

A lfe is not worth anything , if you can't give back to the society in whatever form.

I recommend this book to all MBA aspirants . students ,  parents and teachers.

A part of your money from this purchase goes to an NGO-Vigyan Ashram in the form of educational scholarships to the students.

To help the poor students  and also enjoy the light and impressive read ,you buy the book and be part of the Social service to them.This gracious gesture would get you so much  happiness.

My scoring 4/5

Disclaimer I have won the book from Goodreads Giveaway and this is my honest and unbiased review .

Author Krishna Kranthi 

Krishna Kranthi Interview

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