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No of pages :  220

Published by : Srishti Publishers &Distributors

Published on : 2015

Genre : Fiction Detective Crime Thriller Psycho

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My review

In the Shadows of death is a crime thriller with an astute protagonist Agni Mitra Assistant Commissioner of Police , Detective Department, Kolkata Police.His investigation of a series of murders suspected to be committed by a psychopath forms the crux of the novel. There are so many puzzles to engage and entertain you which include the identity of the culprit unfurled in an intriguing course of actions .

This book is a pleasant, readable one during the night with the winter coolness adding a thrilling experience of entertainment .ACP Agni Mitra has become my favorite investigator.

Sourah Mukherjee has woven a brilliant story with the wonderful development of characters coupled with the creation of suspense and panic in equal measure . With a lucid plot and supporting sub plots to give strength to it ,he  keeps us hooked to the tale of terror and horror .His writing is so superb that it gives a steady flow of engagement without any lags a sure page turner. 

The yarn involves gruesome murders, kidnapping , and sexual assault on unsuspecting and vulnerable professional housewives and you get goosebumps. The modus operandi  employed by the perpetrator for catching his preys would give a breathtaking anxiety .The fast pace goes at a staedy speed and the eye-popping narrative prose would see that you finish the book at one go.The hot pursuit of the villain by the detective involving myriad strategies enthrall you.

Since it is a suspense thriller I don’t want to reveal the story and the readers should give a read to enjoy the melodrama.
The strong blurb says about the story as follows.

A ruthless killer walking the rain washed streets of Kolkatta . A detective battling storms brewing in his private life. Human relations infested with deceit. A generation struggling to cope with fast changing ambitions and desires .

With realistic touch the  tale deals with a psychopath, his relationship with his lovers , ordeals, impulse and premeditated plans , his  inadequacy and insecurity . It is a stunning novel about the adventurous journey of a detective to unravel the mystery and his efforts and success in the same.

The social drama notifies the perils of sex out of wedlock and the menace of drinking alcohol to the level of getting cockeyed and the break up of relationship due to these factors. 

The sizzling title as well as the colorful cover design which creates curiosity flaunt the genre to which the book belongs to ie crime thriller.

It makes a light, but engaging read. It is a definite fascinating contemporary  novel and it feeds your expectations as soon as you open the book and reach the fitting end.

I like the following words of hard reality from the novel.

You need stability in your personal life to be productive at work.

Everyone wants instant success without having to walk that extra-mile.At the same time they don’t understand the value of discipline . There is absolutely no restraint, no self-control. And no dearth of temptations these days in our so-called liberal ,globalized society with changing moral values .

Guilt often takes its own time to sink in. And when it does, it drives one to do imaginable. 

I like the book for its horrifying storyline and the memories will remain with me for a longer time.

I recommend this book for all thriller fans . It throws light on the lessons we have to remember in these challenging era of so many distractions and disturbances due to the advent of the internet and the deterioration of values.     
Cover design by Wasim Helal suits the motif of thrill.

My scoring  5/5

Disclaimer I am goodreads giveaway winner of this book and this is my honest and unbiased review.

 Author Sourabh Mukherjee 


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