Sunday, 20 August 2017

Speaking in English is a matter of pride

When I was studying in the school I used to write in my own words .My English teacher won’t give marks for such own efforts. Just for passing my examination I had to memorize all the sentences in the book and I wrote whatever I could remember and recollect..This is but the rote system where in you study the lessons by heart and try to put in as many words as possible for you to bring to your mind. But this is not the case in today's world. Writing in own words is considered as a great art and whoever does this is considered to be a genius.

One language that unites all continents

English is the universal language and most of the scientific and technological papers are submitted in the same. It is the language recognized by many countries and as such we have to learn English at any cost to come up in our life. The students from the rural areas find it difficult to study the language and when they meet their urban counterparts they feel themselves to be fish out of water .

Professional training begins early

Spoken English is a compulsory subject in schools as the students come out of them joining the professional course they find it difficult to talk in English or follow what the teacher want to convey. In professional colleges they have got this Bridge course specially prepared for the benefit of freshers. It includes spoken English and Grammar. This would equip the students who otherwise find it difficult to coop up with new environment and atmosphere.

The burden rests with the teachers

Practice makes everything perfect. With a little more attention and concentration one can learn English . It would help every one to master the subject and feel confident. Teachers have got a great role in preparing the students for the new challenges the students have to face due to their ignorance and inexperience. They have to train them with suitable exercises and giving sufficient tools to learn English. It may be in the form of Worksheets or text books . Even audio cassettes would help them a lot to learn the language.

Internet helps the students to a large extent

Nowadays due to the advent of Internet the colleges may seek the help of foreign universities to give lessons to the students and they can get all the doubts cleared . Teachers can also update their skill and knowledge so as to teach the students new ideas and concepts which help them to improve their language.

Last but not least students should take all the initiative to make progress when they learn the language by frequent interactions with their peers and teachers .

English க்கான பட முடிவு

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