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Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti







My take

After having read the first book of Nisha Singh ,Bhrigu Mahesh PhD The witch of Senduwar I become a fan and admirer of the competent, confident and charismatic deductive like Sherlock Holmes .
Nowadays I am getting books in the genre ,youth action romance with city background and this fantastic novel has come as a great relief as the story happens in a village with religious atmosphere. I am fond of thrillers as we have to read them at a stretch due to the thrill with an element of suspense a sure page turner. Once I start the book means It  becomes hard to pull myself out of it still I finish and reach the climax .

Warm , fresh ,and elating thriller Bhrigu Mahesh Phd ,The return of Damayanthi is the story of an out-of -the -ordinary lady whose life history full of twists and turns makes for an excellent read.It is a splendidly intriguing novel about marriage , village life , and religion. It is also a brilliant heroic tale of Bhrigu Mahesh Phd, who unravels the  enigma attached to the unfortunate and unexpected happenings in the village utilizing his intellect and observation.

The plot

The book starts with a prologue, which tells about a person’s obsession with the palm leaves and  his quest for the answers to the puzzles they hold in Sanskrit and Pali.

There are three parts and the first part consists of 22 chapters ,second one from 23 to 42 , and the third one from 43 to 50. Each one carries a suitable title. The book ends with an epilogue.and a flash file.

Seetle ,buddy of Bhrigu Mahesh tells the story in his first person voice and in flashback .

Nataraj Bhakti a retired head clerk from the village Krishna Dwar, famous for its temples approaches Bhrigu Mahesh PhD as he has become a deeply troubled man due to a truant phantom that of Damayanti,his dead wife, and he wants to save him from  clutches of it’s  shackles. He arranges Manjunath Gupta, his neighbour to bring him to the village. While they are traveling in the train he talks about Bhakti’s family members.

Chiranjeevi is his younger brother and Premkala his wife.Savita is the youngest member and she has come back to the village with her only son after her married life become sour.
Neelu is Manjunath’s wife. Pchay Mishra ,a Bandit is Chirenjeevi’s friend.
Bhrigu Mahesh starts his investigation and collects information from his family members and others .  
 As per the short and honest blurb, a woman gets brutally murdered .
Who is the woman and by whom she is murdered?
What is the motive of such a gruesome crime?
Such sort of questions arise and the readers should read the book to get the answers.

The Pro

The title and subtitle are eye- catching and the design is majestic.
The strong and well -thought out plot makes you glued to the book . There are so many subplots which culminate in the main one to get a dainty ending with suspense and surprise.

Nisha Singh has woven the concept of complexity of marriage in a fantastic manner to make it intriguing .The language is splendid, free flowing and the narrative prose with even pace is sometimes poetic and the rest engrossing and entertaining.
The characterization is superb.. There is no plethora of characters but minimum and they are smart, wise and realistic. We can relate to them as our neighborhood friends.

By the dense and lengthy discussions and discourses the authoress has put in every word  after meticulous carefulness to highlight her views and opinions in a prominent presentation .They  would lead us to a lot of dialogues and they make a great impact in our mind.

She has concocted a strange mixture of inexpiable mystery with social drama to present a tale of revenge and heart wrenching psychological thriller.
The imaginative depicting of scenes in their true colours to the delight of the reader would enthrall him a large extent. The songs of the sparrow and the beauty of lilies and roses tell a lot about the love of the authoress towards nature.

Sutte ,a bragger by his wisecracks in the form of a one liner, jovial and sarcastic some times make the tale move in the smooth manner.. His ludicrous comments titillate your ribs to a spontaneous laughter.
The family saga has got all the elements of thrill , love, friendship enmity romance ,crime ,resentment and jealousy.

My favorite

Pearls of wisdom

Marriage of materilasation of sympathy between people two people and nothing else.

There is no house on this planet that has never seen a fight.

Conversations has a way of easing burden and taking your mind off the most tiresome of routines.

A happy man is always living in a happy world and a sad man often laments what a cruel world it is.

One should always value oneself because that’s how we grow into better people.

It is mostly in these little details where lies the biggest of mysteries.

I like the tactics by Bhrigu Mahesh to collect true facts from the people. He knows where it hurts and works. Especially I admire his effort to trap Pandit Parichay Mishra by camouflaging as a laborer and speaking in slang .

Also, I admire  Savita for her wits and wisdom. She is a model for woman empowerment.
I sympathizes with Neelu as her mental sufferings melt our heart.We can see many a woman like her whose sufferings go unnoticed ,and unresolved.

My verdict

Nisha Singh , the authoress has done a bang-up job in bringing out a wonderful whodunit . Her spectacular writing style and masterful portrayal of characters in a believable,unpredictable context make the reading a pleasing experience.She ,as a feminist has highlighted the deep rooted gender problems like women discrimination, disparity,exploitation and inequality prevailing in our society .She has got the forte to create the thrill and the spine chilling effect with her expertise in unfurling the shocking knots with perfect coherence.
 For the readers the journey in this family saga is an enjoyable one.They get a lot of insights about marriage and religion The story would get a great impact in your life. The thrill would last for a long time.

I recommend this book to lovers of thrillers and you feel the fullest satisfaction once you finish the book . It is a wonderful buy worthful of  every penny .

Don’t wait. Go and buy the book.Pamper yourself with a wonderful treat of a classic thriller.

Kudos to Nisha Singh for this unique outstanding classic novel and with eagerness I await your next book.

My scoring 5/5

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